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4 Best Uses of QR Codes for Graduation

Graduation marks the end of one’s academic journey. It’s surreal and exciting, all at the same time. With all these mixed emotions, wouldn’t you want to document this moment even better?

After two consecutive years of halted physical graduation rites, the class of 2022 has the honor of returning to actual graduation from their respective schools and colleges.

This highly anticipated academic rite has schools and colleges figuring out how they can safely host the eventand reach more audience.

QR codes are there to help share more information about the ceremony, with the use of a reliable free QR code generator with logo for both students and governing bodies.

Best ways to use QR codes for graduation

  1. Gateway for live coverage of the ceremony

Some schools and collegesmay still be hosting limited face-to-face graduation ceremonies.

Because of this, they would advise otherfamily members and audience to stay at home and support the graduates through live streaming on their website, or via Facebook or YouTube.

To create an easy way for people to view the live broadcast, they can simply embed the link in the QR code, and post it on the graduation rites invitation.

  1. Portal for social media reference pages

Today’s graduates are social media-driven. These are the generation that have explored all possible social media platforms and tend to have more than one social media account.

These tech-savvy graduates can use social media reference pages like LinkTree to store their social media links.

A more creative way to stay connected with fellow graduates is to stick a custom designed QR code on their graduation program card created from a QR code generator with logo software.

This way, while waiting for their names to be called, they can scan each fellow graduate’s QR codes and exchange details on social media.

  1. Cash gift portal for graduates

Did you know that graduates from Louisiana State are using QR codes to receive cash gifts from their family and friends?

To reward the graduates of their hard work for the past school year, most of them staged a cash gift drive to their friends and loved ones to fund their college degree, or get a head start in life.

With QR codes being linked to cashless payments throughout the years, it’s no secret that this initiative can easily be promoted with a scan to donate method.

  1. QR code for yearbooks

Yearbooks are one of the treasured items that graduates follow up after graduation. Memories throughout their college, high school, or middle school years arerelived in it.

Everything has gone digital, including our school records, portfolios and more. Schools and colleges can create a digital copy of the yearbook and save it as a PDF QR code for the graduates to reprint, or safely store in the cloud.

As schools and colleges returning to host these events, they would find that covering them are now made more innovative, thanks mainly to social media.

QR codes canprovide its offline to online technology to graduation guests and students, as everyone now carries a smartphone. In just one scan, people can easily watch a live stream, learn more about the program, or connect with other graduates.

If you are an aspiring graduate or part of the graduation arrangement committee, know that QR codes can help you simplify and add more convenience to your event.

What are your planned uses for QR codes this graduation season? Let us know in the comments!

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