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5 Tech Tools to Help Demonstrate Your Authority Online

In this internet landscape, customers are increasingly inundated with fake news and false market claims. But your brand can stand out by becoming a trustworthy source of credible, even newsworthy content. An authoritative brand voice can boost your search rankings, brand reputation, and eventually, your profits. Read on to learn about some of the tools you can use to become your customers’ source for high quality information.

1. Content Tools

When most people think of content tools, they imagine using systems like ChatGPT or Grammarly to help create the perfect piece of content. While these tools can be great assistants in creating a piece of purposeful, educational content, you shouldn’t solely rely on them to craft written work. You should always think strategically about the materials you’re creating and disseminating.

The right content tool can help with everything from brainstorming articles to devising a full-blown content strategy. Some of these tools are sophisticated enough to conduct a competitive content analysis to search for gaps or pinpoint opportunities to increase SERP ranking. From there, they can brief new articles to help your writers get started. 

2. Social Listening Tools

To become an authoritative information source, you need to keep tabs on the pulse of current events. And the best way to do that is by closely following trends, news sources, and key players on social media. But even the most dedicated social media manager (or Gen Z intern) doesn’t have the time to do all that manually. That’s where social media listening and monitoring tools come in: they can track the conversation for you.

Social listening tools can track emerging news stories, trends, mentions of your brand, and more. They can help you find out what people associate your brand with and where you might need to join the conversation. They can give you ideas for content to publish or repost on your blog or social media. Perhaps most importantly, they can alert you to negative press or impressions, so you can step in to correct them right away.

3. SEO Tools

While AI content tools can help you rank higher in the SERP, they don’t necessarily give you full control over the process. You might also need SEO tools to improve your organic rankings on important topic posts, with search engines like Google. SEO tools can help you incorporate or post about the right stories and key trending topics to rise to the top. They can also help you see why your competitors are ranking or what content they’re covering better.

Different kinds of SEO tools serve different purposes when it comes to generating search engine friendly content. Some help you analyze your current pages, while others are more proactive, helping you write the actual content. As SEO evolves to serve voice search technologies and AI options like Google SGE, so too will these tools evolve. They could help brands create more snippet-ready or voice-search friendly content, to further boost rankings.

4. Email Marketing and Segmentation Tools

For whatever reason, customers still seem to prefer that brands reach out to them via email versus other means. Even if they don’t open those emails, seeing your brand’s name next to a breaking news headline reinforces your credibility. Use email marketing to bring relevant, noteworthy news and trends to your customers’ inboxes. Choose titles wisely, to improve open rates — or at least get the point across in a few quick words.

Email segmentation is also a solid tool for establishing authority in your brand’s space. Serving your customers relevant, hyper-personalized content gives you even more clout. On the flip side, getting a name wrong in a fill-in field or sending an irrelevant message to the wrong prospect or customer can be very off-putting. Make sure you’re pushing the right content to the right audience, using the most sophisticated email segmenting and personalization tools.

5. Data Visualization Tools

Readers love graphs and charts — they provide a great break from a text wall and help put data and facts in perspective. Non-readers also like them because they allow for, well, a little less reading. No matter how factual your content already is, data visualization can add an extra layer of “science”-y authority to your content. Use data visualization tools to create colorful, animated graphics and give your site, social, and emails an air of textbook-like educational cred.

The range of options is extensive: free programs like Google Charts and AirTable can help you create plot graphs or output simple pie charts. More advanced programs can create stunning, moving images befitting of outlets like the New York Times. It’s up to you how deep you want to dig in incorporating the use of these tools. Some may require outsourcing or hiring new talent to achieve desired effects and uphold accuracy.

To Sincerity, and Beyond

These are just some of the tools your brand can use to establish itself as a go-to source for top tier informative content. Other options include software for creating educational podcasts,or developing online learning programs in your brand’s area of expertise. Every brand will want to use a different combination of strategies that resonates with its audience. You may need to experiment until you find the right portfolio of tools and solutions for your content.

With all that said, remember to keep in mind the most important principles of establishing authority: truth and accuracy. Your content needs to be trustworthy and grounded in the highest-quality sources. Link to original, unbiased research, like scientific journals and papers from major firms. Source only verifiable news stories from reputable outlets that have been published across many sites. 

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