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7 Great Reasons To Allow Your Children to Choose Their Own Books

Despite, and perhaps even because of the increase in reliance on digital technology, reading remains one of the most important skills that you can teach your children. It is essential to be able to understand signs, information, and even to learn. That’s why it is shocking that nearly 400 million children in the world are unable to read!

You need to encourage reading from an early age by reading to your child and ensuring they attend a reputable early learning center that encourages reading skills. But, as tempting as it can be to pick the books you like and think your children will like, you need to let them choose their own. Here’s why:

  1. Interest

If a child has chosen their own book to reads they are more likely to be interested in reading it. When you tell a child what book to read it instantly becomes a chore and they are unlikely to do anything more than skim the book.

But, if they choose it themselves they will be happy to sit somewhere comfortable and start reading. It will even help them to discover their own interests, encouraging this can lead anywhere!

Of course, you need to make sure they know that if they don’t like the book they can change it and that the book is age-appropriate.

  1. Independence

No parent wants their child to grow up and it happens too fast. But, it is important to teach your children independence. They are going to need to be able to make their own decisions and choose their own path in the future. That’s why you should encourage your child to choose their own books, it is the first step on the road to independence.

You’ll also find that choosing their own books encourages them to take risks and push the boundaries of what they enjoy reading. This small gesture will be mirrored in life, allowing your children to grab new experiences instead of being afraid to try anything.

  1. Memory Building

Reading naturally improves the memory of children and adults. This is because your mind needs to remember what the characters have done and their individual traits. This happens subconsciously and is the reason you can detect plot holes.

By reading regularly your child will improve their memory skills. You can enhance this further when they choose their own books because they need to think about and remember the books they have read in the past. It is a simple, but effective technique.

  1. Thinking & Analysis Skills

In order for any child to become a well-rounded adult, they need to learn to think about what is going on around them and make their own informed decision based on what they perceive.

The same applies when they are choosing a book to read, they need to decide if they think it will be appropriate and interesting from the simple description on the back. By leaving them to choose their own book they can start to build their thinking and analysis skills from a young age. It will make a difference in life.

  1. Improved Vocabulary

Reading introduces children to words that they won’t have come across before. In fact, the same is true when adults read. In many cases, your child will be able to work out what the word means based on the sentence it is being used in.

But, you should also ensure they are aware that they can talk to you about anything in their reading. This ensures they ask you about unfamiliar words and concepts. There are few better ways to increase their vocabulary and make them aware of different themes, concepts, and possibilities.

  1. Use of Imagination

When you read a book you need to create the scenes in your head. This isn’t something you think about, it is simply something you do. For example, if you are told “the hulk of a man threw back his broad shoulders, shook his mane of dark brown hair, and let out an anguished moan”; then you will be imaging the scenario in your head.

It’s what makes book reading fun and brings a story to life. The better it is told the harder it is to put the book down.

Adults and children don’t think about this use of imagination; it happens automatically. But, it does help to ensure your creative side is activated. This allows you to find unusual solutions to issues. When you let your children choose their own books they will use their imaginations from the moment they read the title. This encourages creative thinking which is an essential skill throughout life.

  1. Setting Up For Life

Did you know that Warren Buffett, arguably the most successful investor ever, is said to read for 80% of his time? He credits reading for helping him to understand the stock markets and make wise investment choices.

While this may seem like an extreme example it does show you how important reading is in life. Whether your child continues to read paper-based books or moves onto e-readers, as long as they are reading they are open to new ideas and will be able to apply what they have learned to their business life.

Reading ensures your child has all the skills and knowledge they need to make a success of anything they do.

Final Thoughts

Most parents are only interested in giving their children the best possible start in life. That is why parents undertake an array of activities and experiences for their children. It encourages them to explore their boundaries and learn about the world around them.

A fictional book may not seem like it encourages the same skills but it does because it leads to independent thinking and the ability to find solutions to any issue. As such, book readers are more likely to do better in life. That’s a gift that most parents can give with very little effort.

If you’re a parent looking for new books to read, why not check out these Mafia romance books?

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