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7 Online Services to Improve Your Learning Skills

eLearning facilitates education in many ways, including its technology-friendly approach and self-paced learning. It also allows for flexibility and easy access to materials that make students independent in their learning endeavors, says At the same time, online learning advocates for student collaboration and active interaction.

However, most importantly, online learning helps students know more about things they find hard to learn. There are courses and masterclasses designed to improve learning skills and facilitate comprehension.

Yet, it is not always a particular skill like writing on persuasive topics that you need to advance. Sometimes, it is your cognitive abilities, creativity, or leadership that need to develop. The best online services dedicated to improving your learning skills are listed below.

Learning Platforms

If you need to gain extra knowledge, advance certain skills, or help yourself learn better, the following platforms will definitely help you out.


If you need to acquire a particular skill, Udemy is the best place to start. It has lots of courses dedicated to improving your competencies and abilities. However, most of the courses offered there require payment.

Anyway, these courses are targeted at helping your fill the gaps in learning. If you feel that you miss something and need an extra explanation, this is the best place to seek it.


Coursera is a well-known platform that offers lots of online classes in various subjects. Also, there are courses aimed at developing student learning skills. They do not relate to a particular discipline. Instead, they focus on providing the basis for the improvement of such skills as problem-solving, decision-making, etc.

You can easily find the course that would meet your individual learning need. The access to it may or may not require payment.

Brain Training Platforms

If cognitive skills training is something that you are looking for, pay attention to the following services.

CogniFit for Education

CogniFit is a new platform developed to improve specific cognitive abilities. It is initially designed to help educators but has been in use by students as well.

The launch of this service has been welcomed by many students who needed to boost their cognitive abilities. This service offers tasks and assignments aimed at strengthening attention to detail, memory, concentration, reasoning, and other skills.


If you need proper brain training, go to BrainHQ. It helps students exercise their brains to a great extent. This concerns memory, people skills, intelligence, navigation, attention, and brain speed.

The entire process looks similar to training in the gym. You get to solve various problems and resolve tasks targeted at boosting different functions of your brain.


This well-known platform for the improvement of cognitive skills offers a different approach for kids and adults. As a student, you will be choosing between various programs aimed at brain training and learning improvement. The best thing about the program is that it is done on a one-on-one basis.

This online service receives lots of positive feedback. It helps improve student academic achievement as well as improve their performance at work and in life.

Professional Skills Training

If you need training or coaching that is relevant to your profession, read ahead to find out about the best online services in this field.

Courses for Success

If you need to improve your skills to a more professional level, the platform Courses for Success is for you. It offers lots of business-related courses, including the course in organizational skills that can be useful for students too.

You can use this information to learn to organize your studying process better so that you would always be on time with your assignments. This platform, however, is quite costly.

If you find it hard to set goals and monitor your progress, it is a good idea to try this service. provides access to personal coaches who can train you in personal leadership.

Leadership is critically important for students running their business and employees aiming to move further on their career ladders. Goal setting and organization are needed for those who find it hard to organize their learning process.


If you feel you need to add some creativity to your learning process, this platform is the best place to go. If you are a tech or math student, you can use this service for a beneficial distraction. However, if you study Photography, Design, Music, etc., CreativeLive will facilitate your learning and provide you with extra information.

Obviously, if you seek inspiration and look for an opportunity to gain more professional knowledge, CreativeLive is for you.

Wrapping Up

The Internet offers lots of opportunities for students to learn more and do it effectively. Today, people willingly share their knowledge, making it accessible. The only thing needed is to know the best places to seek it.

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