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7 Ways to Get the Most Out of Cloud-Based Design Tools

The cloud has revolutionized how we interact, store data and design products. Cloud-based design tools such as Solidworks cloud are efficient, secure and cost-effective ways to create interactive designs that can be shared with stakeholders in real-time and across multiple devices. 

There is no “one size fits all” solution for cloud-based design tools. Different tools offer different features and capabilities, so choosing a tool best suits your specific requirements is essential. Consider factors such as scalability, cost, security, user interface and performance when selecting the right tool for you.

Here are seven ways to get the most out of your cloud-based design tools:

1. Make sure the data is secure 

Cloud-based design tools store data on remote servers rather than local machines or devices. As such, it’s essential to ensure that the data is kept secure through encryption and other security measures. Check the security protocols before using any cloud-based service or platform, says NCSC.

2. Automate processes where possible 

Automating as many processes as possible allows for faster delivery of projects, fewer mistakes and more accurate results. Automation also reduces the time taken away from designing, which can help increase productivity levels significantly.

3. Utilize collaboration features 

Most cloud-based design tools come with built-in collaboration features, says TechTarget, allowing teams to work together efficiently from different locations at any time of day or night. Using these features lets project teams quickly share ideas, make decisions and coordinate their efforts remotely without having to travel for meetings or emails back and forth for updates.

4. Take advantage of version control

Version control systems allow project teams to keep track of every version of their project stored in the cloud system so they can look back at any stage during development if needed later on down the line or if anything were to go wrong during development stages. This can save significant amounts of time by preventing mistakes from being repeated due to outdated versions being reused instead of current ones – this alone could save considerable money in wasted resources.

5. Utilize templates 

Templates within these systems let designers quickly upload pre-made components, which could save tons of valuable hours spent creating complex items like infographics or flowcharts, too often used throughout prototyping stages. By utilizing these prebuilt pieces, designers can easily customize them according to their needs, thus saving them from having to build everything from scratch each time.

6. Get familiar with shortcuts & commands  

Shortcuts & commands (like undo & redo) are an essential part of using cloud-based design tools effectively & efficiently as navigating around menus & options takes precious minutes and adds up over time, especially when tight deadlines loom overhead. Familiarizing yourself with all available keyboard shortcuts will let you quickly access & execute commands allowing you more freedom & creativity without wasting any precious moments.

7. Integrate 3rd party services/APIs  

Many third-party services have been developed specifically for use within some cloud-based design tools, such as image editing software, video streaming integrations etc. Taking advantage of these services will let you increase productivity levels drastically by giving you access to powerful features not available within the core product so don’t forget about taking advantage off 3rd party services/APIs when looking at increasing efficiency.

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