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Best Place to Buy WoW TBC Classic Gold?

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As the world runs on money, so do the majority of the MMO Video Games. Just like each and every country has its own currency, so do games like World of Warcraft. In WoW TBC Classic, the currency it’s called gold and it runs the entire game economy. Millions of players play the game every hour, split between a dozen servers, with each server having an active population of hundreds of thousands of players. Every player contributes to the economy by actively using his game gold, silver and copper.

Just like in the real world with real money, some people are good at getting WoW Classic Gold, while others struggle. The only exception being – you can actually buy the game gold currency with real money, at websites such as

All of the currency in WoW TBC Classic is referred to as gold, while it actually consists of gold coins, silver coins and copper coins. There are also other currency types known as Valor which are used to upgrade the character’s gear and equipment.

What can we use WoW TBC Classic gold for?

The entire game world of “Azeroth” and “Outlands” is like a real life replica of our real world with added fantasy. Gold is needed for everything. Food, water, training, travelling, apparel (gear) the list goes on and on.

Players need to buy Food & Water items to replenish their health, and mana which is used for magical abilities and also to obtain stats like Stamina, Strength, Agility, Intellect, Spirit. There comes the cost of gear purchases which is unending as players constantly upgrade their gear – when you think you’ve obtained the best, the game will receive the update and it sometimes feels like an unending cycle, a fun one though. Just like in the real world, the game gold is needed for travelling – you can pay merchants to fly you off from one point to another, or you can buy your own mount which costs a lot of gold and travel anywhere by yourself. There comes the training – as your character advances, new and better spells and abilities become available which consume a lot of gold.

Why Buy WoW TBC Classic Gold?

Very few players are proficient in making WoW TBC Classic gold. It is somewhat of a bothersome, repeatable process which can yield different results. The most enjoyable aspects of the game are considered the high-end game PvP (Player VS Player) Arena combat and PvE (Player VS Environment) known as raiding. By buying the gold the boring and repeatable process is omitted.

From where to buy WoW TBC Gold? What is the best place?

There are many places like websites, marketplaces and forums where players can buy WoW TBC gold. It is not uncommon for even friends to offer it as for sale to their real-life friends or game guild-mates. But it can get tricky, certain websites, forums and marketplace sellers are known to use exploits and massive botting, and if caught by the game administrators these can lead to temporary or permanent suspensions to both the seller and it’s buyers.

The best place to buy WoW TBC Classic Gold is Gold4Vanilla. Or from friends that you know that collect it themselves personally, to avoid any kind of issues for your game account in the long run.

Of course, players can always find a doable way for making the gold, it will most likely require to level the game character to 70 first and then stick to a reputable gold making guide in order to earn solid amounts fast.

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