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Best Ways How to Sell Print on Demand – E-Commerce Store, Social Media, in Real Life?

If a print-on-demand side hustle is now a big-time business venture for you, your goal should be to draw in a lot more customers and make a ton of money doing so. As such, some strategies that were useful when it was a side hustle can’t take you any further if you want to make it a serious business. 

Client retention is a great strategy to adopt. Retaining clients creates a funnel sequence that brings more e-commerce sales (source). 

This article analyzes how to give your business the traction it deserves. This guide is extensive and it also provides tips and common tricks you can use to drive more traffic and generate more income. 

1. Zero in on Your Target Audience

Before delving into marketing, you need to identify your target audience. Your target audience is sectioned into buckets, a common terminology marketers use in classification. Each bucket of the target audience loves a product. However, these products may vary. 

For example, a 20-year-old won’t be interested in the styles or designs a 40-year-old would pick out. You have to consider all these minor differences if you want to run a successful business. Try to reflect on their interests, joys, and pain points. People respond better to sales if you show some humanity. 

Pain points are problems your customer or potential customer has. For instance, do you offer customization services? You should make this known in your campaigns so a potential customer looking for those services will know you offer them. Running a business involves you working for the company. However, there won’t be a company if there are no customers. Thus, you should prioritize customers over profit. 

It is okay if you’re catering for a bucket at first. However, you should try to niche down as quickly as possible. Offer your services to a few people and offer them what they can’t get anywhere else. This strategy may seem like it will make you lose money. Quite the contrary. If you offer your services to fewer crowds, they have first-hand information on how you run your business. Furthermore, examine what your competitors are doing, especially those who are making sales. It would be of great help if you adopt a thing or two from their strategy. 

  • Buying behavior 
  • Age, gender, occupation, income, education, ethnicity, and marital status.
  • Their beliefs and values
  • Geographics

2. Maximize Full Funnel Marketing

Most of the time, marketers feel accomplished only when they have shipped out goods to customers. Your concern shouldn’t end with shipping out products alone. What about client retention? A full-funnel marketing strategy takes note of every step a customer takes while making a purchase. Furthermore, it targets opportunities where a brand can communicate with its customers to provide them with a better shopping experience. 

This marketing strategy ensures you have a potential long-term relationship with a customer. In essence, full-funnel marketing brings in lifelong customers who generate regular income for your company. 

3. Optimize Your Business’ Social Media Account

The hardest step is to identify your target audience. Once you get that out of the way, you can go on to social media optimization. Businesses can blow overnight because of a post or a review on social media. Hence, businesses are trying as much as possible to get the ball rolling through social media. 

Your priority should be to build a reliable social media community. Building a social media community gives you constant patronage. Furthermore, you can leverage customer reviews to make more sales and attract new customers to your print-on-demand service. 

However, don’t use a personal account for your business. It would look a bit more professional if you didn’t use a personal account for this purpose. It’ll only take a couple of minutes to set up a professional account. Furthermore, creating an account on either of these platforms is free. When choosing a handle for your account, choose one that matches your services. Doing this will make your account easily searchable on social media. In addition, it will look more professional. 

4. Start an Email List

Social media is an excellent medium. However, you may not reach some audiences because a lot of platforms have introduced filters that make it hard for them to see posts. Most mainstream social media platforms are adopting this method. 

You may have noticed you don’t get notifications on posts from some accounts anymore. Hence, you may be posting a lot of content, but there’s no guarantee that your subscribers are seeing all your stuff. If they don’t check your website periodically, they won’t be getting any updates on your stores. 

Adopting an email list is a convenient way to bridge the gap. You can automate updates to be sent straight to the user’s box. Most websites include opt-in forms on their websites so customers can enlist for newsletters. You can adopt this and create a cohesive email list.

5. Optimize Your Store

You should try as much as possible to leverage Search Engine Optimization. If your store is SEO optimized, that ensures that your store is the first thing people see when they are searching for print-on-demand services or goods. Getting your website on the first page of a Google search increases your chances of getting noticed and getting more customers significantly. 

Furthermore, ensure you use relevant keywords wherever you can. You don’t know what keywords to use? No problem. You can always look at other print-on-demand stores that are offering the same services or products you’re offering. You can copy their keywords and include them in your content. Or you can use Google Analytics or Google Trends for trending keywords related to your niche. 

Always remember that an optimized site loads quickly, looks good on mobile devices, and follows SEO guidelines to the letter. 


There are several ways that you can leverage to sell print on demand on your e-commerce store. In our article, we have highlighted some of the most efficient ways you can use to sell on social media, on your e-commerce store, or in real life. If you don’t know where to visit you get all the information you need, you can try for reliable, on-demand service. 

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