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Buying The Right Vision Insurance To Save Money

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Eyecare is one of the most crucial yet neglected parts that everyone usually does. Due to negligence often people have to visit a doctor and pay a huge amount on treatment and eye care supplies. For such people, eye care insurance can be helpful, says WebMd. Also popularly used with the term vision insurance, this facility describes more about the wellness and health plans that are made for reducing the overall value included in the preventive eye care treatment, examination, and prescribed eyewear (source). There are different vision plans which offer great discounts and deals on vision correction surgery such as PRK and LASIK to name some.

How does eye care insurance differ from medical insurance policies?

Many people believe that buying eye care insurance is a waste simply because most of the medical insurance policies would cover this part of the body. But there are many benefits that one can get if specifically, they purchase this type of insurance.

  • Wellness Benefits:

Primarily eye care insurance offers great discounts along with some wellness benefits. These benefits can be availed on the annual premium which of course cannot be availed in a regular medical insurance plan. When it comes to wellness benefits and vision deals, there are money-saving offers such as gift cards. It can help to cover the basic eyewear cost and can also be used for making premium eyewear enhancement and products such as anti-reflective coating progressive lenses and photochromic lenses available at a cost-friendly value.

  • Coverage:

For the first-time user, it can be confusing to understand whether the eye exam is a part of a medical policy or vision care insurance. The answer of the same entirely depends on the purpose of the visit to the eye care expert. If the concern is associated to be medicinal like Glaucoma and allergy then an eye exam will fall under the medical policy carrier. If the person schedules an appointment with an optometrist for a routine eye care exam, then can be availed under the vision care insurance benefit.

  • Eye care service or product:

The treatment depending on what the diagnosis has been made will decide whether it needs to be billed under the medical policy or the eye care insurance. But, if the doctor advises any eyeglasses or contact lenses, the medicinal policy will not cover it. But under vision insurance, the person can discount on contact lenses and eyeglasses.

The whole process of Vision insurance:

The person who gets vision insurance needs to first send the vision insurance a premium check for the plan that is appropriate.

Once the premium gets deducted from the paycheck, the plan will then be activated. Besides, the person shall also be eligible for other benefits like discounts on contracts, vision exams, and eyeglasses.

At times, the insured party needs to visit the ophthalmologist or optometrist for which using the vision care plan can be feasible. However, the doctor to whom the visit is being made should be recognized certified and has a license.

Crucial points to not ignore:

For first-time users, it is quite obvious to have doubts about eye care insurance. Those who are just looking forward to saving money on eye care exams can consider this type of insurance. It also offers a great discount on eye correction laser surgery. However, if the surgery is an elective one like Lasik, it will not be covered.

There are different plans of vision care whose offer can vary too. In some plans, there will be limited service while other plans whose premium can be a little high can cover the eye surgery treatment.

There is an eye care insurance plan that may not offer the benefits for the whole year. Sometimes, its span can go up to 24 months as well

Vision insurance plan is categorized in two forms. The first one is the plan which offers a certain percentage discount. The other will be the vision package that will pay a certain amount as per the eye care product or service.

Tips on buying a right vision care insurance Plan:

  • People already have their specific eye care doctor but when it comes to spending on their visitation fees, it could bring a hole in the pocket. That is why an eye care insurance plan can be purchased.

  • The premium of such insurance can vary as per the plan whose range could be from $5 to $35 monthly for the individual. To cover the domestic partner, spouse, and even kids, the individual will have to pay accordingly. However, if it is the employer that offers such insurance then the process is quite simple.

  • The insured party needs to sign the agreement in the annual open enrollment span. Make sure the annual enrollment span is checked well.

  • One should be careful while choosing the plan as some options can charge a one-time enrollment fee along with a monthly premium.

  • It does not matter whether the employer is providing the insurance or the person is planning to buy it on own, the focus should be not paying out more than what will be received.

Vision insurance costs

Some employers offer eye care insurance as one of the advantages. But if there is no access for the same at work, then an individual will have to pay the premium price of less than $20 on monthly basis. Along with the monthly premium, the person will also be covered for the visit cost, glasses, exams, and contacts. If the monthly premium is high, then there are fewer chances for the individual to pay from the pocket.


There are eye care insurance providers who would offer different plans that can be suitable for the individual. Also, an individual can search for different insurance options or use the provider directory to get the right eye care insurance plan that will cover the basic insurance without any waiting period. If an in-depth eye exam is conducted, even the hidden medical issues can be diagnosed. That is why it is better to have eye care insurance so that the frequent vision exams that would be needed as the age grow will not be a problem.

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