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Charging of the EV Car at Home

Electric cars have a major advantage compared to diesel or gas ones. You can charge it at home. And that’s the most responsible task because you need to take care of security. So, how to charge an electric car safely with the intention of extending the lifecycle of your favourite car?

Most people start with the standard cord used in plug-in electric vehicles. 110V electricity is common for major part of the country. Only separate states and foreign dependent territories have 127V, but that’s not a problem for the EV car charging station. 

The experts agree that there is no necessity to use level 2 or 3 currant for a regular charge. PHEV can be dispensed without that voltage when you come home for an overnight stay, says It’s enough to fill the battery to 100% of the volume.

The higher voltage is useful for people who have many electric vehiсle friends. It’s polite to offer a quick charge for your guests who will spend a couple of hours in your home. In other cases, you can satisfy with the classic voltage. In the case of necessity, you can use the public network of chargers. However, sometimes you need to be ready for sudden adventures. If it happens frequently, consider purchasing it.

In any case, you need to take care of safety. The station exploit is impossible if any permits are absent. It consumes higher amps than home electric appliances to guarantee the required power. Thus, you need to be sure of the potential of your home. And, of course, you need a qualified electrician to install the 240V socket because it requires other standards than the traditional 110 V equipment.

Of course, each customer needs the best ev charging stations. Cyber Switching provides this list on its website, but it has more representatives of level 2. It’s important to mention Enel X – 40-amp charger. It’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. This station has two working modes, including 110V. Thus, it’s the number 1 station for home and commercial use.

The alternative to the stations is the dedicated EV charger. It’s cheaper and you can take it with you everywhere. Just plug it in the socket and enjoy the overnight charge safely. The power range is 7 to 22 kW. However, you must consider inefficient spending of money for bigger charge power even if it promises you quick charge. You will pay for that, but your car will take the embedded power and nothing more. Plus, some models can’t stop automatically, so there is a risk of overcharging and even fire. Regular overcharges will ruin the warranty by the manufacturer. Thus, if the charger fails, you need to repair it by spending your own money.

And finally. Don’t forget to install the map of the EV stations or subscribe to your equipment manufacturer’s service even if you commute between the office and home because the travel of your dream will happen any moment. Don’t limit it to your car range.

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