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Choosing the Right Moving Company: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you are planning on relocating, it is important that you get started on choosing the right local moving company. Here’s why: It can be utterly overwhelming moving on your own. Again, you do not want to spend money on a residential moving company that is out to rip you off.

With the many options available, it can be tough to make that one choice. You need a moving company that is dependable and one that will take good care of your things. Here is a simple step-by-step guide that will help you narrow down your options into that one efficient moving company

Researching Potential Movers

There are several methods that you can use to research potential movers. This includes:

Check Online Reviews

Nowadays, it is possible to find utterly anything you are looking for online. You can find excellent quotes from different movers in your residential area. The good thing with the online space is that you can also be able to view any reviews or feedback from past customers. Be sure to also check out newspaper ads and yellow pages for any potential moving companies. 

Ask for Referrals

One of the best ways to find a reliable mover is through referrals. Ask family and friends who have recently relocated about their experiences with the mover they used. If you are working with a real estate agent, talk to them about finding a potential mover as they may be well aware of some of the best movers in the market. Reaching out to co-workers might also help. The good thing about referrals is that it is normally from people with your best interest at heart. This means that you can trust their feedback and most importantly, you can also be able to read their body language.

Look Out for Industry Certifications and Affiliations

If you do not want to fall victim to scammers in the market, you must ensure that you check out for proof of industry certification. An established moving company ought to hold certification from industry organizations such as the International Association of Movers (IAM) or the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA). These certifications show that the business upholds strict quality and service standards, therefore they should not shy away from showing such certifications upon request.

Check Their Licensing and Insurance

Relocating comes with some risk of property damage or destruction. Before choosing a moving company, make sure they are licensed and insured to handle accidents. This guarantees the legitimacy of the business and your protection in the event of an accident.

Research the Company’s Reputation

While you may want to settle down on a moving company as soon as you can, do your due diligence. Research the company’s standing with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This can be done online. Stick with a moving company that is BBB accredited with good standing. If the moving company you are considering does not have BBB accreditation, consider crossing it on your list.

Consider their Knowledge and Experience

There is a risk in engaging a moving company that has just set up shop. You cannot be sure about how adept their staff will be at handling your stuff. The more years of experience the moving company has, the better they will be at handling your belongings. If you have specialized items such as pianos or other antiques it is important to look out for a moving company that has the right equipment to handle such items.

Evaluating the Moving Services Offered

Once you have come up with a list of potential moving companies, narrow it down further by evaluating the services offered.

  • Find out the services offered and whether this is all you need. Some companies offer loading and offloading services only, while others offer full service including packing, loading, unpacking, and unloading.
  • Consider the staff’s professionalism.
  • Find out how the company handles fragile and valuable items.
  • Determine the availability of storage options. If you have some storage needs, consider a company that offers short-term or long-term storage services.

Understanding the Cost and Payment

One important aspect to consider when selecting a moving company is the cost and payment options.

Request for a Quote

A reputable moving company should offer a detailed quote that includes all the costs associated with the move. You do not want to receive last-minute surprises on hidden costs that had not been mentioned before.

Payment Options

Different moving companies might provide a range of payment plans and schedules. Some might demand payment in full after the move, while others might need a deposit upfront. Ascertain the available payment options and ensure that is suit your plan.

Additional fees

You must be well aware of additional fees or charges that may be incurred during a move. These may include fees for moving heavier items, storage fees, fuel charges, or more. Make sure you understand all the additional fees that may arise before choosing a moving company. While it may be tempting to choose the cheapest residential mover, consider the fact that you want a safe and efficient move.


Before settling down on a moving company, it is important to assess their communication and responsiveness levels. Make sure that the moving company is readily available to respond to your calls and respond to any queries that you may have. Here are a few important pointers to help you with the assessment.

  • Understand their communication channels.
  • Evaluate their responsiveness and availability.
  • Evaluate their customer service.
  • Evaluate their ability to address customer queries and concerns.

Besides evaluating a moving company’s communication culture, it is important to check out other signs of rogue or inexperienced movers.

Red Flags:

  • Ill-mannered, untidy staff that that wears no proper uniform.
  • A moving company that insists on phone call estimates.
  • Unanswered calls, numbers that don’t work.
  • Absence of tariffs official lists of services and cost.
  • Insistent on cash payments.
  • Huge down payment requests.

Final Decision

After weighing down all the factors, the final decision must be made. Firstly, choose a company that best fits your needs. Before signing that contract, make sure you fully understand the terms and conditions. Choosing a moving company is crucial when moving. Take your time, and make the best choice.

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