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Diagnostic and Home Sewer Line Repairs

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Leakage and pipe inspection are the leading and most significant strategies to diagnose home plumbing issues. The followings are some critical procedures and home sewer line repair;

Hydrostatic Pressure Testing

A hydrostatic pressure test is performed on a home’s or building’s sanitary sewer system to determine if water leaks are present in the plumbing system. An inflatable test ball is inserted into the building or home mainline sewer clean-out and inflated to block or plug the main sewer line.  

The water level is then monitored for up to 15 minutes while the sewer system is filled with water up to the slab level. If the system does not fill to slab level or the water level begins to drop, leaks are present in the sanitary sewer system. 

A combination of video camera pipe inspection and static leak isolation testing of PVC or cast-iron sewer systems is used in the subsequent stage of leak detection to locate these leaking sewer lines.

Video Camera Pipe Inspection

State-of-the-art in-line sewer or drain video camera equipment performs sewer pipe or drain line camera inspection of a sanitary sewer system. To view and assess the state of a sub-slab drain system, an infrared camera is inserted into the system through pre-existing cleanouts, roof vents, or toilet drains. Locations of obstructions, breaks, stoppages or deteriorated pipes can be determined with a sewer camera inspection, along with the approximate depth of the pipe.

Static Leak Isolation Testing 

Static leak isolation testing is the leak detection process in which plumbers use a combination of sewer video camera pipe inspection and hydrostatic pressure testing to isolate and test different sections or areas of an underslab sanitary sewer system to pinpoint the exact locations of water leaks in the system before pursuing sewer line repair. 

To conduct a hydrostatic test on a solitary section of the sewer system, inflatable test balls are inserted into the system through already-existing cleanouts, roof vents, and exposed toilet drains. During the process, an in-line sewer video camera is employed to help place test balls throughout the system and to create a map of the sanitary sewer system’s layout.

Water leak Detection

Electronic listening devices enhance plumbers’ ability to hear pressure water leaks deep into the water lines. After plumbers narrow down the general area of the leak, they use Electronic Line Tracing equipment and listening equipment to detect the leak location.

Slab Leak Detection 

For the purpose of finding slab leaks, the fluid mechanics employ a combination of electronic listening, line tracing tools, camera pipe inspection, and static pressure testing. The first step in finding slab leaks is pipe inspection using video camera inspection, diagnostic pressure testing, and electronic leak detection equipment. Static pressure testing (more details), underground line location, and static isolation are used to pinpoint the location of sub-slab plumbing leaks.

What is the Trenchless sewer Repair Process?

After a thorough diagnosis of an underground sewer system through such tests as a hydrostatic pressure test and video camera inspection, a custom-built plan is formulated to fit the clients’ sewer line repair needs using trenchless pipe repair to minimize digging and added expense.

Furthermore, pneumatic cutting and cleaning tools are used to cut away root invasions and clear up any debris buildup in the sewer line.

Then, on-site drain lines are constructed to the proper length and diameter of the pipe that needs to be relined. Technicians saturate a felt sleeve with a two-part liquid epoxy resin solution that will have the same characteristics and qualities as new PVC once cured.

Thereafter, an inflated bladder that runs through the length of the liner holds the epoxy-soaked sleeve to the inner walls of the pipe while it coats and fills any leaks, creating a structural bond to the host pipe.

Then, the ⅛-¼ drain liner is cured, and the inflatable bladder is removed, leaving a solid structural barrier between the wastewater and the soil beneath the client’s home or building.

Is Trenchless Sewer Line Repair eco-friendly? 

Digging through building structures, hardscapes, and landscapes to fix a few small leaks can harm the environment. Epoxy repiping, which was created by the US Navy for trenchless sewer repairs (see here), effectively reduces water usage while reducing water pollution. While traditional repiping methods can take up to 6-8 weeks, epoxy pipe lining can only take 1–2 days to repair a sewer line, depending on the water system.

What Is the Cost Compared to Traditional Sewer Line Repair? 

Epoxy coating for trenchless sewer repairs can save up to 50% over traditional sewer line replacement. Epoxy linings were created by technology company Nu-Flow to preserve existing piping systems rather than only temporarily address significant issues. Usually, epoxy treatment is guaranteed no leaks for 10 years, so we strongly recommend this sewer line rehabilitation.

Trenchless Pipe Repair 

Accurate Leak and Line is the leader in the trenchless pipe rehabilitation and underground plumbing diagnosis and repair industries, combined with conventional excavation and repair/replacement solutions. Technicians offer non-destructive trenchless CIPP pipe repair as a cost-efficient alternative to traditional repairs for residential and commercial clients.

Accurate Leak and Line provides a variety of specialized techniques to repair and replace piping systems located below foundations, underground, or that are concealed and not easily accessible. 

With technicians’ extensive backgrounds and experience in slab leak detection, concealed pipe repair, and non-destructive trenchless plumbing repairs, they have combined re-piping and plumbing replacement alternatives with conventional repair methods to eliminate and minimize costly destruction to the interior of a client’s home or building.


The plumbing system is one of the home’s critical components. Therefore, when it needs repair, it deserves every dime. In this case, homeowners should do their due diligence before settling on a particular technician to provide sewer line repair services. This is when homeowners should maximize their search potential to ensure that the contractor they choose guarantees stellar outcomes because they don’t want to spend extra time and money hiring another expert so soon after the repair. 

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