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Easy Fit 2 Upgrade – Bike Kit Review

I was looking forward to trying the Easy Fit 2 Upgrade Kit, as I had been very satisfied with the functionality of my original LVBU Easy Fit kit.

During the recent pandemic’s lockdowns, the original easy-fit type kits became popular. With nothing to do and nowhere to go, homes started discovering their old bikes and discovered that they weren’t as fit as they used to be. As a result, the hunt for an inexpensive e-bike alternative and the emergence of the e-bike conversion kit became popular.

The simple easy to fit kits, which included only a wheel to replace and a battery to install, offered an easy installation option for the novice cyclist. LVBU began to sell them in the United Kingdom from stores such as Millets, Blacks, and under such names as the Ultra Wheel e-bike kit and Electric Bicycle Club.

The battery was easy to install and took only a few minutes. The tiny bottle battery met the needs of many fair-weather cyclists due to its convenience and flexibility. There was, however, a call for a larger battery with more miles per charge for the more enthusiastic cyclist. LVBU heard the appeal and has provided an enormous 8.7 Ah battery that far exceeds current easy fit kits.

Installing the Improved Battery and Controller

However, first and foremost, there’s an element of preparation that goes into converting to the Easy Fit 2. The transition from the original easy fit to an enhanced Easy Fit 2 took around 10 minutes. The following were the steps involved:

  1. Remove the bottle battery
  2. Unscrew and remove the battery holder
  3. Install the new smart controller and battery holder
  4. Insert and fix your Easy Fit 2 battery
  5. Locate the upgrade on the app

The installation was straightforward and simple, but there was one unexpected hiccup. My mobile phone wasn’t recognizing the Bluetooth on the new controller.

Don’t get too worked up, though. There must be a purpose for this. In reality, I had no idea what Bluetooth 5.0 meant in practice, but it appears to imply that your smartphone needs to be rather recent.

Because my old refurbished Samsung lacked the more advanced Bluetooth functionality, it was unable to receive the signal from the new controller. This was the leap I needed to go up to 2022 and update my smartphone, with barely any memory left on my current phone and a fracture in one corner. So this is crucial…

You’ll need a smartphone that supports Bluetooth 5.0 (examples here).

A simple Google search should tell you whether your existing mobile phone is suitable for you.

Easy Fit 2 Upgrade Kit’s Product Test

According to the LVBU website, this new kit is supposed to deliver 50 percent extra power, which should be more than enough for my needs. So, how did it turn out?

The original easy fit kits were designed to give pedal assistance for basic users. Our tests showed that we could travel 20 – 25 miles on a single charge. Not bad for a daily commute or an exercise ride, right?

We were optimistic about what we could accomplish with an improved battery, given the vast increase from 5.8 Ah to 8.7 Ah. We wanted at least 30 miles per charge without cutting corners on power assistance. What’s the use of an assisted bike if you don’t have enough juice?

The cycle route

I was looking for a flat 30-mile journey and decided on the Netherlands. Why not? My friend had recommended Delft and it looked more appealing than England’s industrial heartlands. That idea vanished quickly when I discovered that the ferry timings didn’t work and Eurostar thinks Covid means they can’t carry bikes.

Back to England, and I again picked a straightforward 30-mile journey through Staffordshire and Derbyshire, finishing near Burton-on-Trent.

For context, I’ll describe the bicycle and testing setup. It’s a Carrera Crossfire hybrid weighing 15kg and with a rider who weighs over 90 kg. There are also two bags to hold overnight gear and a bag rack for convenience. The wheels are 700C with 40mm tires, as you can see. So we’re not talking about a light carbon frame here.

I hadn’t thought about a headwind that confronted me the entire trip, so I didn’t plan for one either. And why hit me when I’m travelling in a straight line? It’s just another thing to consider once everything is said and done.

Yes, of course, I saved the Strava route to view timings and distance.

Easy Fit 2 Upgrade Kit Test Results

That’s 30 miles down the road, and we still got about 20% of the juice left. For most of the journey, I kept the assistance setting at 60%, with an increase to 70% for steep sections.

I’m very satisfied with the outcome. It implies I have a lot more leisure rides now accessible to me. The difference between riding 20 and 30 miles is significant.

Where to Buy an Easy Fit 2 Upgrade Kit

When you’re searching for a strong, simple-to-use, and budget-friendly e-bike conversion kit, the Easy Fit 2 Upgrade Kit is a fantastic choice. This kit may be easily put on any regular bicycle with an existing ‘Easy Fit’ type wheel. This kit is powerful and perfect for long rides. It is also affordable compared to other kits on the market.

The £399 price for this product in the UK makes it a good option for people who are looking for an affordable way to extend their battery range on an easy fit kit. Read more here

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