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Emerging Trend Sees Buyers Getting Better Performing Ebikes For Cheaper Than New

If you’re in the market for an electric bike, you may be interested in a new trend that’s emerging among savvy buyers. Instead of buying a new ebike, many are opting to purchase bikes at supermarket prices and then having local bike shops install them with kits to convert them into electric bikes. This option is typically cheaper than buying a new ebike outright and can also result in a higher-specification electric bike. So if you’re considering an ebike purchase from Argos or Halfords, this may be something worth looking into. Read on to learn more about this emerging trend.

More and more bike buyers are opting to purchase bikes at supermarket prices and then converting them to electric.

As anyone who has done the research knows, electric bicycles are growing in popularity, says But, with the high cost associated with buying a new ebike, many savvy buyers are opting to purchase a bike at supermarket prices and modifying it to electric instead. Installing an aftermarket ebike kit can be a great way of getting both improved performance and greater savings. Retrofitted ebikes often have higher spec technology than those bought brand new out the gate, allowing you to get the most out of your purchase. So why not save yourself some money while still getting the power and efficiency of an electric bicycle?

This is cheaper than buying a new ebike, and it also improves performance.

If you’re looking to improve your cycling experience without breaking the bank, retrofitting existing bikes with electric kits may be the perfect solution. Not only do you get to reduce the cost of getting an electric bike, but you also get premium performance upgrades that wouldn’t normally come in the standard bike models. Whether you’re looking for a quicker way to commute or just want more power and energy while traversing uphill paths, this could become the perfect addition to an already capable machine.

Retrofitted ebike kits are even higher specification than the average new ebike.

Typically a retrofitted ebike kit will be installed with a bigger battery, possibly 10Ah or 11Ah, giving upwards of 30 plus miles of range. Additionally. the digital display may well be technically superior giving you greater control of your ride.

So shopping-savvy bikers have been taking advantage of a great opportunity – instead of purchasing an expensive new ebike, they can purchase a regular bike at the supermarket and retrofit it into an electric one using special kits. The resulting experience is much more satisfying than with a regular, stock ebike. Not only are these retrofitted ebikes significantly cheaper than buying new, but their specs often exceed those available on the market. Retrofitted ebike kits typically include bigger battery units that offer upwards of 30 miles of range, as well as superior digital displays that provide greater control and precision while riding. Best of all, anyone with basic mechanical skills and some spare time can do this!

If you’re looking to get an ebike, this may be the best route to take in order to get the most bang for your buck.

All you need to do is to buy your supermarket bike as normal, but request delivery to an electric bike shop. Once your bike arrives, bike shop engineers will install an ebike conversion kit to your Argos or Halfords bike and convert it to electric. Once converted, your new bike is repackaged and sent to your home by courier.

If you’re in the market for an ebike and looking to get something that provides superior performance and great value, retrofitting a supermarket bike with a conversion kit is your best option, says T3. It’s an efficient, cost-effective solution that requires minimal fuss and hassle. All you have to do is order your desired bike online from the likes of Argos or Halfords, but have it delivered to an electric bike shop instead of your home. The engineers at the shop will take care of the rest – they’ll install the necessary components to transform your supermarket bike into an electric one before packing it up and sending it back to you. With this route, each element of the process can be tailored to fit your exact needs, meaning you end up with a high-spec bike that’s better than anything you can buy off the shelf.

In conclusion, many savvy bike buyers are opting to purchase bikes at supermarket prices and then converting them to electric, says Treehugger. This is an excellent way to get more bang for your buck. Not only is it cheaper than buying a new ebike, but retrofitted ebike kits are even higher specification than the average new ebike on the market at the same price. If you’re looking into getting an ebike, but don’t want to break the bank, you should definitely consider a conversion kit for your bike and look into getting it installed with a reputable company. Learning how and when to convert your bicycle will save you both time and money. To find out more about getting your new bike installed with an ebike conversion kit, contact a professional who can help guide and advise you along the way. With helpful advice and an increase in performance of up to three times that of a standard bike, installing with an ebike conversion kit could be one of the best decisions you make as a cyclist!

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