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Engravable Necklaces: Personalize Your Style with Custom Messages

One of the better trends to emerge in the jewelry world over the past few years was the engravable bar necklace, putting engraving literally front and center. Engraved jewelry isn’t new, of course, but the trend brought the style more attention. You can have a lot of jewelry engraved with custom messages that offer encouragement, commemorate an event, or show love — or you could just engrave your or someone else’s name or initial. No matter your choice, engraving is a marvelous way to give someone a lasting message.

Choose From a Number of Shapes

You’re not limited to a simple bar if you want to have a custom engraving. Any surface that’s reasonably visible enough can be engraved if it is smooth. This could be a simple, flat tag; it could be a convex heart with a gentle curve. You could have a ring placed on a chain and have that ring engraved, too. If you’re giving the necklace to someone who has a favorite animal, you could find stamped metal in the shape of the animal and have the engraving placed on that. When you want to choose the charm for the necklace, look for a charm with a surface big enough to hold the message, of course, but keep in mind that the font of the engraved text affects the readability. If you choose a sizable tag or bar for a short message, for example, you can have the engraving done with fancier fonts, if the engraving company offers those. Smaller surfaces, such as the interior of a ring, would look better with less fancy fonts because those will be more readable. The same rule applies to longer messages; neater fonts will be easier to read and make the message look less crowded.

Choose Your Statement and Convey Exactly What You Want

You can use your message to commemorate an anniversary or birthday (or other date) with simple numbers, or go big and place a descriptive message along with that date. Maybe the necklace is for yourself, and you want to have a reminder of your graduation date from grad school, for example, as constant encouragement as you continue with your profession. Maybe your adult child has started a business, and you want them to know you’ll always support their goals. Or, maybe you want to give your partner fine jewelry with a note about how much you love them. Think about what you truly want to say and edit down from there to get a message that fits the pendant you want to have on the necklace.Whatever you choose, you can have the necklace made easily now and even transmit your requested engraving online along with your order. Jewelers have several options for charms and pendants, along with a wide variety of chain styles. Find your perfect necklace and add an engraved statement to show others and the world what you’re thinking.

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