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Five Natural Landscaping Ideas For A Beautiful Garden

Although clipping the hedges and manicuring your lawns is a pleasant activity, there’s something unique about creating a carefree and inviting garden that has a more natural feel. Natural landscaping is the key to achieving that outdoor oasis you have been dreaming of. Whether you are handling a tiny courtyard in town or have a sprawling estate in the upcountry, it always brings that aesthetic appeal. There are also many benefits to natural landscaping such as being cost-effective, being chemical-free, and the fact that it requires little maintenance.

Below are few landscaping ideas that will help you transform your yard into a natural oasis.

1. English Garden

If you admire lawns with numerous flowers, then the English garden is for you. This stunning landscaping idea falls under two categories; the classic or the quintessential English garden.

Classic has numerous geometrical shapes. The pathways and the neatly cluttered edge form the framework for the garden. You can then grow roses at various points in the garden then get some water fountains for your yard, to create a focal point and bring everything together.

Quintessential has an intentional unplanned appearance. It forms a mix and match of green and beautiful flower patterns. Also, irregular pathways have sprouting flowers. The garden should also have a bench that creates a place for visitors to relax and enjoy the beauty emerging from the garden.

2. Japanese Zen

The Japanese Zen concept will give your outdoor space a feeling of unity and serenity (more details). It came about in the 6th century to facilitate meditation. Later, it formed the basics of teaching Zen ideas. It comprises of rocks, plants, and sand. The materials can symbolize a variety of things. For instance, you can use the stones to represent an island or a mountain. You can also incorporate lanterns and a wooden bridge.

3. Minimalists

The minimalist landscaping idea signifies simplicity and elegance. It requires that you employ a few design elements in the garden area and effectively use them to capture every beautiful aspect of your exterior. It shows that you can create a beautiful space while still ensuring its low maintenance and organized. You can incorporate elements such as wood, limestone granite, or even bluestone to bring in the natural effect.

4. Tropical

They make the outdoor space lush with beauty while making the area vibrant. You will plant colorful flowers in your garden bed. The pathways sides can have palm trees and some droopy ferns. It creates a perfect environment for unwinding. If you have an outdoor swimming pool, this garden set up will make your outdoor area feel like you are on vacay at a tropical resort.

5. Native

To achieve the native landscape, you should mix shrubs and flowers, for example, mix North American ferns with wildflowers and grow vegetables, like mushrooms, says Rootlab. This is a sure way of adding a plush ambiance to your outdoor space. Besides, it is simple to install and can work in any climate. You can also install rocks and wood to achieve an appealing rough appearance.


Above are savvy tips for achieving a natural outdoor space. The ideas will complement your exteriors and help you achieve your dream home.

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