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Forex Trading Tricks And Tips Guide for 2021

Every business and investing field has its own unique quirks. The same goes for Foreign exchange trading or Forex for short. This liquid, the global market is extremely active, making it both very profitable and at the same time, challenging. Even if you have been trading Forex for a while, if you’re not achieving the results you want, you may feel out of the loop or sense that you may be missing some important aspects of profitable trading.

After all, knowing what really makes the difference in building a profitable forex trading business is important so that you can utilize all the advantages of Forex trading to put more money in your pocket more often. The high liquidity, 24-hour market, low transaction costs, leverage opportunities and other benefits mean nothing if we aren’t utilizing them effectively. Learn to trade Forex better and upgrade your approach by considering the following tips, more information you can find at finscreener.

1. Have a results-focused trading plan

No business can be truly successful without a well-laid out plan, and the same goes for Forex trading. Before you start investing and trading, make sure to have a detailed vision of your goals. Knowing WHY you’re working on this helps you build consistency in your endeavors while reinforcing the need for discipline in your trading approach. The plans will heavily depend on your trading method, which is something we’ll elaborate on below, but consistency is key, so make sure to map out a clear pathway to your desired outcome and what actions you need to take before dipping into Forex trading.

A proper trading plan has several key elements. The first one is your motivation, where you have a crystal clear reason to put in the work, educate yourself, make the trades and improve your results as you plan and execute your trades on the market. This can be challenging because it requires a bit of introspection to figure out what is your strongest desire to build the lifestyle of a profitable forex trader. Make sure to ask yourself about the goals, the lifestyle and what is the most important outcome you want to reach through trading. Often this may not be about the money, but about the time you will have to live life on your terms, to spend time with your family with all the money you need to be financially secure.

The next important factor is time. Being really clear about how much time you can commit and how much you want to commit to the Forex trading market is incredibly important. Learn how to adjust Forex trading to fit your everyday life and fit it into your life and your schedule without feeling overburdened by its presence. Remember, Trade to Live, not Live to Trade.

Of course, as with every journey, specific goals are mandatory. They give us a clear endpoint to our current efforts and act as milestones to help measure our progress. These further feed our motivation and keep us on the path to pursue our goals, which is why it’s important to figure out both consistent and effective trading.

A bit more complex step is figuring out how you can manage your risk and how you will grow your investment when Forex trading. Decide the risk limit based on a combination of your available resources and how they are affected based on the markets you are partaking in. We suggest start with low, measured investments, review your results and find a level of consistent profit in your trading before increasing your investment. Be strategic and base your investment on what results in you have proven to be able to achieve. Be aware that some trades will have a higher potential risk and you need to balance the risk with a structure to protect your capital and lock in profits while minimizing individual trade losses.

Continuing from risk, it’s important to firmly establish how you will utilize your available capital. This makes sure you’ll never be caught low on funds when you most need it, gradually building your bank and missing funds wiping big hits. Get well acquainted with your budget, or you may regret it later.

The importance of establishing market knowledge is the next element in the full planning scheme and will be mandatory for all traders, whether new or experienced. The below factors will help in sourcing valuable knowledge and building necessary skills.

Lastly, always keep up to date with your endeavors with a trading diary that you can check at any point for the sake of understanding your current situation on the market, where you are in relation to your goals and how to get back on track.

This is the most important part when you start to learn to trade Forex, which is why we have to repeat that investing focused time and effort into your trading is the key to success. It’s a starting step that shouldn’t be skipped under any circumstances and is the foundation of further tips.

2. Find a proven trading method

The trading methods available in Forex trading are plentiful. Some are based on timeframes, some on the behavior of the market, but all of them have their own advantages and challenges.

Let’s start with the current trending strategy. The Bladerunner trade is suitable for any timeframe and currency pairing. This strategy includes determining the best levels at which you want to enter or exit a trade. The method allows for speculations on the prices rising by going long or falling by going short. These acts will have different effects based on how accurate your speculation is.

Forex pivot points are an indicator that is used to determine potential turning points of markets. Utilizing daily pivot points along with dynamic Fibonacci retracements, a certain principle that derives price range through an algorithm, we get a new trading method. This method is called the daily Fibonacci pivot trade. It is firmly based around the strength of daily pivots and their interaction with Fibonacci retracement price levels, although swing and position traders can increase the parameters to use any pivots over a longer timeline, to capture strong price levels in the overall market, rather than just those that occur on a daily basis.

There are plenty of other strategies you may employ, but these are some of the most frequent ones.

All trading methods have their benefits and disadvantages, and you want to find a method that is easy to apply in most market conditions and has been proven in the live market to give the trader high probability Trade opportunities where they can lock in profit and minimize potential losses.

The Trading Coach International has developed its own proprietary trading method, The LIFT Method, which allows LIFT Traders to analyze the overall strength of the markets traded by position, swing, day and intraday traders to find the strongest potential trade entry points within each major trading session.

As you apply your trading method, you will begin to understand what style of trader you are to help you find a trading method that suits your style.

3. Get coaching from an experienced Forex trading coach

Just like in any other field, Forex traders can benefit from focused coaching from experienced trading coaches to drive home and focus on all the other factors you’ve learned about. The trading coach will be able to teach you how to trade, even if you’ve never placed a single trade before. They are also able to give you easy-to-follow, proven approaches that will help you build a consistent income for yourself. The best part about engaging with a trading coach is the fact that you can easily contact them online, getting up-to-date coaching no matter where you are.

Using the link will put you in contact with some of the most experienced, trading success coaches that work with hundreds of profitable traders, and they can offer you great advice and help you elaborate on your existing Forex trading plans.

4. Learn the markets

The way of employing profitable strategies requires reality-based, accurate knowledge and strategies that consistently produce a profit. For example, understanding during which time of day the spikes in markets happen and which pairs fluctuate the most and more consistently is very important when building an income from Forex trading.

The general functions and rules of Forex trading are also very important. Learning the basics, what factors affect the currency values, what software is used in Forex trading, how to build understanding and confidence utilizing demo accounts, and finding proven strategies to employ are all very important aspects of the trading experience.

5. Keep learning

The markets of Forex traders are always changing. Strategies are refined on a daily basis and their application may vary depending on major market changes and shifting pressures. This coupled with a slew of the new information every market released daily, the result can be quite overwhelming.

You can ease this overwhelming feeling by consistently educating yourself on the market’s state and the overall state of Forex trading. Learning the highs and lows of markets and how the market “breathes around these areas is extremely important for proper growth. Falling out of the loop may make it hard to “get back on track again, so investing time now is always preferred to dealing with the stress of lost trades later.


While all of these tips can help you grow, reading in-depth guides on the terms and behavior of the Forex market is still necessary. Doing this along with an experienced and dedicated trading coach can help you advance quickly in the field of Forex trading.

Once you start to learn Forex trading, it can be very easy to get carried away with rapidly moving markets and the potential for “quick money”. Remember, like any business pursuit the best result is generally achieved in the long term by following a well laid-out path you’ve set for yourself and supported by your trading coach. Always make sure to restrain yourself from impulsive choices that do not fit your strategy or plan.

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