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Funny T-Shirts from “Famous in Real Life”

We just found out about this funny t-shirts site Famous in Real Life and started browsing their selection. There are a ton of shirts here for sale, but are they worth buying? Let’s discuss what the site has to offer, and if you should add them into your rotation of clothing websites to shop at. Here is our short review…


The first thing that impressed us about the site is their absolutely amazing range of graphic tees. They have thousands of funny t-shirts and pop culture apparel to pick from. You would be hard-pressed to find a larger selection anywhere, and we are talking about unique shirts and not just the same recycled images and slogans you see everywhere else. That’s refreshing.


How much will the funny tees from Famous in Real Life cost you? They all tend to be about $28.95 (at the time of this writing). That is about par for the course for quality graphic tees from online stores, and similar to what you would pay in a physical retail store as well.

Shipping costs are calculated by weight for any order, and the site says the average shipping cost is $5.95 for each order. There is a free shipping offer available for any orders sent within the US if you purchase more than $75.

All in all, shipping costs are very reasonable, and there is the opportunity to save money by making a larger order.


We looked through many of the customer reviews for the site to see what people had to say about the company, and their experience with them. The reviews were mostly positive, and the comments on the quality of the shirts all say they are well made.

Are They Funny?

That’s the real question for people who like quirky, clever and hilarious t-shirts. If you are looking for offbeat apparel and some sly references to cult classic movies, then you will find them at this site. They have shirts with all sorts of funny jokes and phrases, and you can check them out for yourself and see how many of the shirts make you laugh.

Should I Buy?

Let’s end with our assessment of the site overall. We think they have a great variety of shirts, many of which are truly funny and interesting. They have shirts that you can’t get anywhere else, which is probably one of the best reasons to shop with them.

We definitely recommend you check out the site and give them a chance. We think you will be as delighted as we were. Just browsing the selection will make you laugh and allow you to relive some of your favorite pop culture moments. The shipping fees are low and delivery is pretty quick. Plus, the site is well reviewed according to the research we did. We think most people are going to be happy with their experience with Famous in Real Life.

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