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Get To Learn What The CDS Hook Entails

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CDS Hooks, best known as Clinical Decision Support Hooks, may not be a familiar term to many people but is essential in the medical field. This operational concept in almost all clinics makes life easier for medical practitioners. CDS Hooks makes a significant step in helping clinicians understand what they should run by running constant checks periodically and automatically for them ahead of time. It then provides the clinicians with information within the context in the EHR. In summary, it gives notification as clinic events happen. 

For example, suppose a clinician is bound to offer a prescription to a patient. In that case, the CDS Hooks may run checks and send back a card showing a cheaper drug or another alternative prescription, all for the clinicians’ judgment and information. This indicates that the CDS Hooks is a complementary technology supporting smart apps and clinical systems, helping medics save time and resources. 

The CDS Hooks system is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. 

The Basic Components of the CDS Hooks

The CDS Hooks has four basic components that guide its operation. 


This is the first basic component of the system. It is the decision support service designed to accept any requests containing information from patients and provides logical responses. 


The hook is a defined point found within the client system’s workflow that has well-known contextual information issued as part of the request.


The EHR is the electronic health record or any other clinical information system designed to consume decision support in the style of services. 


The CARD represents the discrete suggestions or recommendations dispensed to the user through the HER. Therefore, all the guidance coming from decision support services is channeled back to the user in a card. 

In twenty fifteen, the SMART team came up with the CDS Hooks project in a bid to start third-party support services. In this era, the Clinical Decision Support (CDS) Hooks is an internationally accepted system, Level Seven International specification, managed and overseen by the HL7 Clinical Decision Support Workgroup. The system designs a way that embeds a close to real-time functionality during the day-to-day running. More so, the CDS gathers information required through its encrypted Fats Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) services. These services allow the CDS Hooks to provide interoperability between many health care systems that operate on diverse platforms. 

Who is the CDS Hooks Designed For?

The CDS Hooks support is designed and incorporated into all the main EHR products, including Cerner, EPIC, athenahealth, and Allscripts. As a result, all types of healthcare providers across the world, such as UnitedHealth Group, Cover Health, North Shore University Hospital, and American College of Emergency Physicians, among many others, have access to the CDS Hooks technologies. 

Get to Know the Use of the CDS Hooks in Detail

The CDS Hooks platform provides a standard place in the EHR system where the EHR can send a notification of any ongoing information. The information generated can be received by external applications that issue back the information to the EHR to display it to the user. This information is displayed in the form of a CARD. There are three different kinds of cards. These are:

Information Card

The information card is used to display helpful text for clinicians when working.

Suggestion Card

The suggestion card is used to convey suggestions for the clinicians.

App Link Card

The App link card displays any link to reference applications or materials to the clinicians.

The Six Standard Hooks

Since the FHIR happens to be an open-source standard, any interested party has the liberty to create new hooks. The six standard hooks that have been defined in part of Version 1 of the standard:


The patient view is customarily called only once at the start of a user’s interaction linked to a specific patient’s record.


Order Select comes up when a clinician chooses an order, or more, to place for a patient. Such orders include lab, procedures, medication, and many more. 


Order Sign comes up when a clinician is prepared to sign orders for any patient. These are the same orders mentioned above.


The Appointment Books come forth when the clinician is scheduling a single or many future visits for a patient.


The Encounter Start is fired up when the clinician starts a new encounter. For example, in a clinic setup, this will fire up during admission or patient check-in. 


The Encounter Discharge comes up when the clinician is performing the process of discharging a patient. This is mainly an inpatient encounter. 

The CDS Hooks FHIR Prefetch

The use of CDS Hooks endpoint parameters needs adequate preparation through the entries found in model inputs. For example, every input that is prefetched from the FHIR should have a unique attribute called the FHIR, and it is made up of queries for the prefetch. 

CDS Hooks Sandbox Testing

The CDS Hooks community issues a publicly available sandbox for services testing. All Trisotech service CDS Hooks attributes are tested and demonstrated using the CDS Hooks sandbox. 

The Continuous Upgrading of the CDS Hooks

Trisotech is frequently improving CDS Hooks’ features. One of the planned improvements scheduled is the addition of extra Version 1 standard hooks, including encounter-start, order-select, and several others.

In conclusion, the CDS Hooks has proven to be a handy platform for the operation of many, if not all, clinics and medical centers. Not only has it simplified works, but it has also provided critical information to clinicians as they attend to patients regularly. It is a fast system that acts immediately as the clinicians continue with their normal patient attendance. With many clinics taking up the system, it can be predicted that the future will have fewer errors and more efficiency in dispensing services to patients. As the parent company continues to improve the CDS Hooks, the system will continually get refined, but that doesn’t mean it is currently flawed. It remains a masterpiece. 

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