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Gym Protective Floor Covering – Why You Should Protect Your Gym Floor at All Costs…

As the name suggests, a gym protective floor covering is mainly used to keep the gym floor intact by shielding it from ugly scratches and dents. It is a one-time investment that can help you save on expensive maintenance and repair expenses in the long run.

Advantages of Installing a Gym Protective Floor Covering

Here are some of the main advantages of installing a gym floor protection cover.

Save on Regular Upkeep Costs

Gym floors, even if they are cleaned daily, still need regular maintenance. A protective gym floor covering has a soft surface and sturdy backing that can reduce exposure of the floor to dirt and water. A water and stain-resistant covering can protect the wooden floor against the damaging effects of water or food spills. This means there will be no need for the gym floor to be recoated as much. This will therefore save on maintenance costs.

Keep the Gym Well-Maintained for Years to Come

A protective floor covering maintains the appearance of the gym floor for many years. It reduces the need for you to clean the floor every other day, which assists in saving time and money.

Protection Against Scratches

Gyms are heavy foot traffic spaces where institutes often organize different events. The smooth wooden floor can easily develop scratches and depressions when people walk on it whilst wearing heels, or when they move chairs or tables on the floor with unintended force.

You can protect your gym floor against the damaging effects of shoes and furniture by using a gym floor protection cover.

Allow Organizations to Hold Different Events

Another worth mentioning benefit of installing a gym floor covering is that it increases the value of your gym. It allows you to rent the area to other organizations to have their events in your spacious gym, whilst ensuring the flooring is well-covered and protected.

Gym Floor Protection Covers by Game Changer Floor Covers

Game Changer Floor Covers offers the following gym floor protection covers…

GymPro Eco Tile

The GymPro Eco Tile is an environment-friendly protective gym floor covering, because it is constructed from recycled plastic bottles. It feels and looks like carpet, meaning it will make your gym look more attractive. The surface is slip and stain-resistant, so you will not have to worry about any accidents when visitors and guests walk on the gym floor. The gym floor covering will play an important role in protecting both the floor, and the people who walk on it.

GymPro Eco Roll

GymPro Eco Roll is constructed from polyester topcloth. Its upper surface looks like carpet, and the lower surface is non-slippery in nature, which maintains its position on the floor. It has a compact structure, meaning it is easy to install, and is highly tear- and stain-resistant, so this is a cover that is made to last.

Courtside Runner

Courtside Runner is another gym floor protection cover that you can lay under chairs and tables to protect your gym floor surface against any scratches. It has a rubber backing, which prevents the leakage of water. You can have your courtside runner custom printed to promote your business.

If you have any questions, or any custom needs for protecting your gym floor, then get in contact with Game Changer Floor Covers, and they will be happy to help!

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