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Hair Transplant Turkey: 5 Essentials You Need To Know

Hair transplant Turkey is one topic that never gets old. More people visit Turkey for hair treatments every year, even when they have hair transplant surgeons in their countries. Turkey’s hair transplant industry has boomed for years, and with the current surge in hair loss cases, it can only continue to flourish. Here are some things you should bear in mind if you intend to travel for hair transplant Turkey.

Why Do Men Go To Turkey For A Hair Transplant?

Even when countries like the US and UK offer hair transplant treatments, men prefer Turkey for hair transplants. Here are the major reasons hair transplant Turkey is so popular: 

  • Reputation

Turkey is the hotspot of quality hair transplants. Most of the hair transplant testimonials online are from patients who had their hair transplant surgery in Turkey. These testimonials have been a major factor drawing people to Turkey as the go-to destination for hair transplants. Asides from that, the country is home to several reputable surgeons with years of experience in hair transplantation. These surgeons attract clients globally.

  • Quality & Expertise

Turkey is one place that guarantees quality hair transplant operations with world-class clinics. Turkey’s clinics are well-versed in different hair transplant procedures/techniques such as the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), Sapphire, DHI, FUT, etc. Also, as a medical tourist center, Turkey’s clinics only use state-of-the-art facilities to treat patients, and they offer preferential treatment to tourists. 

  • Price 

Turkey offers high-quality hair transplants, yet their prices are about the cheapest you will get anywhere in the world. For instance, a typical FUE hair transplant in Turkey may cost 2000-3000 dollars but 7000-12000 in the US and UK, depending on the clinic or number of hair grafts used. 

Turkey’s low hair transplant cost is due to several factors, including the tourism culture, low cost of living, high competition, and stable currency. To make their services even better and cheaper, Turkish clinics offer their treatments as part of a package covering most expenses like feeding, accommodation, and transportation.

How Long Does A Hair Transplant In Turkey Take?

A typical hair transplant surgery in Turkey takes between 6 and 9 hours, depending on the technique used. However, besides the actual consultation, there are pre-care and aftercare sessions besides the actual consultation, which can extend the entire process to 3 days or more. If you are visiting Turkey for a hair transplant, you should be ready to stay until your hair transplant surgeon says you are free to go.

Are Hair Transplants In Turkey Safe?

Yes. Hair transplants in Turkey are safe. Firstly, the doctors are not just qualified; they also have decades of experience under their belts and a reputation to match. You can be sure of a successful transplant. A hair transplant surgeon will first analyze your hair loss pattern before commencing treatment as part of the safety measures. This will help determine the most suitable hair transplant method for your treatment. 

Secondly, only clinics licensed by Turkey’s Ministry of Health can operate in the country. This eliminates the chances of falling for a quack surgeon. Also, the ministry visits the clinics regularly to ensure they do not go against regulations. Lastly, Turkey uses client data protection rights similar to those of other European countries; this means details of your operation are kept confidential.

How Long Does A Turkish Hair Transplant Last?

Turkish hair transplants last for years, decades, or even a lifetime. However, as with any plastic surgery, the final outcome depends on how well the patient maintains the implants. Turkey hair transplant clinics give patients detailed guidelines on how to take care of their new hairs, showing them the medications and hair care products that accelerate healing and hair growth.

Diet, lifestyle/habits, and hair care can affect transplanted hair growth and lifespan. If the patient plays by the rules, a hair åtransplant can last a lifetime or until the patient develops another hair loss due to accidents or old age.

Why Cosmedica?

Cosmedica boasts of having one of the most sophisticated hair transplant clinics in Istanbul, Turkey. This guarantees that you will get premium treatment and care pre and post-surgery. Also, Dr. Levent Acar, the renowned head surgeon at Cosmedica, uses an advanced technique known as the DHI Sapphire method for his treatments. 

This technique increases the success rate and preserves the donor area. For their innovativeness and famed customer relations, Dr. Acar and his Cosmedica team won the Patient Clinic Award as the best hair transplant clinic in Istanbul in 2020 and the WhatClinic Award three for years. To top it all, Cosmedica offers an affordable hair transplant package, even compared to other Istanbul clinics.

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