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Healing Properties of Shungite Water That You Are Missing Out On

shungite water
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Shungite water benefits have been known since ancient times, and you can read more about it here: Shungite water has been used to treat many diseases, including stomach ulcers and cancer. Today, even modern science agrees that shungite water possesses antimicrobial properties.

Shungite is a relatively new stone from the Karelian Republic of Russia, on the shores of Lake Onega. It was discovered by a Finnish geologist in 1930 after a request for information about an unusual black mineral that had been mined in the region for over one hundred years. The name “shungite” was derived from the village of Shun’ga on the shore of Lake Onega where the first deposits of this stunning stone were found.

Shungite is a natural occurring carbon with a unique crystalline lattice structure that provides a remarkably wide range of health benefits. Shungite is the only known natural source of fullerenes, and it can contain up to 70% fullerenes by volume.

Shungite is a unique shield against various radiations – it stops any high frequency waves, including X-rays, gamma radiation, computer radiation, geopathic stress. This has been clinically proven in Russia – people started getting sick less often when shungite water was consumed for one day.

Shungite is the only energy accumulator which not only absorbs various types of radiation but also transfers them into kinetic energy which then turns into positive bioenergy.

Every single shungite piece has its own biofield which slowly radiates the energy accumulated inside for years and decades.

Shungite has excellent electrochemical properties and therefore it has the ability to detoxify, cleanse and revitalize water that is filled with negative ions. Negative ions are known to kill pathogenic bacteria that can cause various diseases when they enter our body through drinking water or food.

Shungite stones are not cheap but their benefits are truly impressive. There are many ways of using them, the most popular is to purify drinking water by placing one or more shungite stones into a container filled with tap water. Water is said to be transformed into alkaline water and in this way, it becomes cleaner and healthier.

Some people claim that in order for the purified water to have maximum benefits, it should be consumed within 24 hours after filtration. Others say that the water can be drunk directly after the first filtration and they claim to have had a positive experience with shungite water benefits.

After a short period of time, some people have started noticing the effects on their health. Their overall condition has improved, joint pain has disappeared and sleep cycle has become a lot better.

Before purchasing any particular type of shungite to make your own shungite water, you should learn more about its origin. At Atmosure, our shungite is elite shungite which contains the highest fullerene content.

Shungite water can be used for drinking, for treatment of various diseases both internally and externally. Shungite possesses strong antibacterial properties which is why it’s advised to boil shungite water first. Then you may drink this boiled water instead of plain tap or spring water. You may add some medicinal plants in order to obtain the best treatment.

Shungite water can also be used for rinsing – you just pour a glass of shungite water and let it stay in your mouth for a minute in order to reduce tooth pain.

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