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How a 3CX Phone System Can Benefit Your Business

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Choosing the best phone system for your business might be difficult, especially with so many options available. Perhaps you’ve previously considered transitioning to VoIP but are unsure which service is the most cost-effective. This is where 3CX comes in. A 3CX phone system is among the cheapest without sacrificing essential functionality. It can also benefit your business in so many ways.

Before we discuss how 3CX can benefit your business, let’s first understand what it entails.

What is 3CX?

3CX alternatives phone system is a complete Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution. Calls made using 3CX use a server-based software system, such as your company’s internet connection, rather than connecting through traditional phone lines. This provides improved call control, seamless conferencing, variable pricing, easier management, and other perks that increase productivity.

With 3CX, you can ensure your company runs more efficiently and keeps communication expenses low, which explains why they sell hotcakes. It eliminates the hassles of managing outdated, conventional phone systems or restricting more current, technical communication techniques. It is straightforward, inexpensive, and versatile—the best of both worlds!

Let’s look at how 3CX can benefit your business.

  1. You have all the phone features a business needs.

There is nothing that 3CX phones can’t accomplish with total connectivity inside your company and worldwide. You might have staff members working remotely. A 3CX system is the best since it makes it simple for employees to make and receive calls on their own mobile devices.

Among the features offered by 3CX phones are:

  • Call records
  • Being able to record calls
  • Integration of instant messaging with Microsoft Outlook
  • Visual conferences

Even if this is only a small list, it helps keep everyone connected day and night. When working remotely with your coworkers or associates, the ability to conduct video conferences is, without a doubt, one of your most crucial features. You don’t have to pay more for any of these features; they all function with your internet connection.

  1. It reduces your phone bills.

Most companies have finally understood that shifting to VoIP may save them from paying high phone costs to phone carriers. With 3CX phones, it works similarly but with more advantages. If you frequently do web conferences, you probably know how expensive phone expenses can be. And when phones need to be replaced, maintenance costs can go even higher.

Even your own hardware or a virtual machine can be used with 3CX. You can host it in the cloud, enabling your staff to access it instantly from anywhere. 3CX systems are distinctive in the realm of digital phones due to the extra benefit of not requiring the purchase of VoIP hardware.

  1. Integration made easier 

The fact that a 3CX alternative system is compatible with more than just VoIP systems is a wonderful bonus. Public switched telephone networks (PSTN) and SIP phones are also compatible with integration. Additionally, when working, you can integrate with many kinds of apps. It functions well with various popular web browsers, including Firefox and Chrome. You or your staff can call a number from a website by merely clicking on it, thanks to an extension function with certain browsers.

The same kind of calling method is possible with simple CRM connectivity. Almost every CRM type is supported here. You don’t have to spend money on a phone system while worrying that some of the most popular business apps might not work with it.

  1. Flexibility

The system can be set up on-site or in the cloud, making it accessible from any location with an internet connection. This makes it perfect for teams that work remotely or while traveling. It makes managing contacts and communication procedures simple by connecting to well-known business apps. With an 08 or 03 number, you can also have a local office presence independent of where you are physically located, giving you access to new client bases across the nation or perhaps the world.

  1. Enhanced productivity

A feature-rich phone system like 3CX allows your staff to operate more productively, communicate better, and collaborate. Your teams can operate more productively with the help of essential tools like chat, call reporting and recording, and status updates. The technology is appropriate for call centers since it allows for the monitoring of teams and the effectiveness of call responding.

  1.  You may keep your office phone number with you.

Businesses have realized that they can use their office numbers on mobile devices while out in the field when they finally recognized the power of VoIP. The 3CX phones offer similar conveniences for remote working. Naturally, the benefit to you in this situation is that when one of your employees calls, the person they are calling will see your company number on their ID. It is more likely that someone will pick up the phone if your personnel have to conduct cold calls than if they don’t. Most cell phone calls are just ignored or routed to voicemail, after all.

Some of your staff members can even travel abroad and do business calls while staying out of the office. They can readily see who is contacting them thanks to call diaries and pop-up windows. The learning curve to use these services is small because everything is built into customers’ mobile devices. Your employees’ productivity will thus significantly increase, regardless of location.

  1. Improved security

Your company is probably concerned about IT security daily. Thanks to how 3CX phone systems are made, your phone calls won’t be hacked. It has built-in security features accessible through an online-managed dashboard.

It costs more money to hire IT security professionals to keep an eye on your system than it does to be able to manage all of your security independently using an easy online interface. To make all calls safe and worry-free, security options like FQDN (definition) and SSL certifications (more details) are accessible. Additionally, it has customary firewalls and virus protection.

Controlling your 3CX phones through your own server is a fantastic method to maintain your independence as a company, unlike other emerging technologies that necessitate additional security protocols.

  1. Increased mobility

You may place and receive business calls on your smartphone using the 3CX iOS and Android apps. By using 3CX Phone for Android or iPhone, users can also access cutting-edge unified communications features.

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