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How Glacier FM Shines a Light on Indie Artists

Do you love independent music artists but have trouble finding them on the radio or in your local area? Those independent artists have an equally hard time finding an audience, since there are few avenues for them to get their music to the public. 

Glacier FM is changing the narrative for many unsigned and independent artists, giving them a venue that is much bigger than what they are used to. This is the leading internet radio station that caters to these overlooked voices. People listen to this station because they want to hear new and interesting sounds. They are intrigued by what the underground music scene is doing, and may be tired of the overly glossy and refined experience offered by mainstream music. 

The station offers a number of different channels, and each channel provides music that is specific to one genre or another. So, you can listen to the kind of music you like, but hear songs from artists you might never have heard of before. You may just find your new favorite artist right here.

Indie artists are getting their time in the spotlight, and Glacier FM pays attention to what the people want. The songs played on this station are there because of listener requests. It’s the fans that make this station what it is, and they help to highlight new, emerging, and unsigned artists, making sure they have a showcase for their talent. Because the music is based on recommendations from listeners, you know this music already has some fans. Listeners get to hear independent sounds from all over the country, exploring songs and artists they might otherwise never get to hear. 

This is excellent exposure for the artists, as they can get radio play with people on the other end of the continent from them. Their fanbase may expand after their song is played on Glacier FM, and the station ensures that all of the artists who songs are played are properly identified. Listeners can go to the station website to find a full listing of whose song is being played on the station right now. They can also see album art and a schedule for upcoming playlists and events. 

The station has a little something for everyone, and it’s a great place to find songs that aren’t being played on conventional radio stations yet. If you want to hear the songs that may start trending soon once they get some decent traction, then you can get on the cutting edge of the underground music scene on Glacier FM. For those who are bored with popular music and conventional artists, this is the place to go for fresh, exciting sounds you may not hear anywhere else! Check out their Twitter here

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