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How Kardiolita Knee Replacement Surgery Can Get Your Life Moving Again

If you’re having difficulties in walking across the room, or feeling severe pain in the front or back location of one or both knees, it may be time for knee replacement surgery. Many patients worry needlessly about this surgical procedure, but it is known to provide great success in replacing your injured or worn-out knee joints. Your first step is booking an appointment at our Kardiolita Hospital in Dublin Ireland to properly diagnose your debilitating condition.

What Is Knee Replacement Surgery?

Whether you’ve already been diagnosed with an injured or worn-out knee joint on one or both legs, or you have had lingering pain that hasn’t gone away after several months, you can benefit from knee replacement surgery. This type of surgery focusses on replacing any damaged bones or joints or ligaments inside your knee, and replacing them with artificial parts that are made of metal and plastic.

How Can I Be Properly Diagnosed?

If you currently live in Dublin Ireland and are frustrated with the current medical system that has been causing you months of needless pain, you should book an appointment with Kardiolita. Our physicians will properly diagnose your injured or damaged knee. It begins with an in-person visit. Your new surgeon will first do a physical examination for bruises and swelling. They’ll press against specific joints to determine where the pain is coming from. The doctor will have you do specific movements to determine your range of motion and where it hurts. Finally, x-rays and an ultrasound can determine if there are any broken bones or damaged joints. They will also ask you about your current lifestyle. Do you sit all day, or are you an athlete? You’ll be questioned whether you are taking any pain medication, anti-inflammatories, or using heat or ice to improve the condition, and for how long.

Is Knee Replacement Surgery Necessary?

It’s best to book an appointment to speak to a surgeon here at Kardiolita in Dublin Ireland. Your painful and debilitating knee condition can be properly diagnosed. Not all damaged knees will require surgery. Many conditions do resolve on their own through physical therapy, medication, and hot/cold therapy. Knee replacement surgery is done in extreme cases when there is no likelihood of recuperation.

How Can Knee Replacement Surgery Assist Me?

If you’re tired of feeling pain in one or both knees, knee replacement can cure that for you, says NIHR. There will still be several weeks for the healing process, but eventually the surgical wound will heal up, and you’ll be back on your feet, according to Webmd. You may currently be having issues with walking also. Perhaps you can’t walk up or down the stairs without feeling pain, or not easily being able to move. You may have difficulties in trying to get up out of a chair.

How Much of My Knee Needs Replacing?

You’ll only learn this information after your visit at Kardiolita and have a proper diagnosis. If only one part of your knee is damaged, that might be all that’s needed to be replaced. If your entire joint needs replacing, that involves a larger surface that needs to be reshaped and repaired. The artificial joints are inserted into the softer central part of any remaining bones. If you need ligament replacement, there are specific implants that can be connected so they won’t slip apart in the future.

Bad Knees Affect Your Mental Health

You may think that experiencing a small amount of pain on a daily basis is normal, but what you may not realize is that it can impact your mental health too. You may become hesitant in joining your friends on a walk, or even getting out of the house. Your partner or spouse may be frustrated with you, as they have to go out alone to do the errands, or maybe you don’t want to go on a big road trip with them. Your children or grandchildren may not understand why you don’t want to go play at the park. Over time, these small things can add up and make you feel sad and depressed. They could even impact your sleeping, with the pain keeping you awake at night. Your performance at work may be slowing down, and you could possibly lose your job. You may be feeling anxiety or depression as a result. The best solution no matter how you feel? Book an appointment at Kardiolita. It’s the first step to getting you back on the path to a pain-free and happy life!

Where Can I Book Knee Replacement Surgery?

Here in Dublin Ireland we have a few private hospitals that cover the lack of public healthcare. One of these hospitals, called Kardiolita, has surgeons who focus on knee replacement surgery. Not only is this type of surgery one of the most common surgeries in the 40+ age range for men and women, but it’s also one of the most successful! Please visit our website today, so you can find our phone number, or enter your information in through our online contact form. You’ll first need a consultation with one of our surgeons to diagnose your condition, get a good treatment plan, and possibly have future knee replacement surgery.

Why Should I Book Through a Private Hospital?

If you’re currently reading this article, then you are already frustrated with the country’s public health system. You may be on a long waiting list for knee replacement surgery. If your working life has been affected, or you have been suffering needlessly, you can book an appointment through our private hospital called “Kardiolita”. Yes, there are expenses associated with having surgery here, but you can deduct them off your yearly income tax return. (1.) Being able to have your surgery when you want it will not only ease your pain, but you’ll be back on the path to healing and living a normal life once again.

How Do I Prepare for Knee Replacement Surgery at Kardiolita?

Your new Kardiolita surgeon will provide you with instructions. These may include adjusting any medications that you are currently taking so they don’t interact with the anesthetic or antibiotics you’ll need. You won’t be able to eat anything past midnight before the day of your surgery. You should prep your current living space. Stay on one floor with a bathroom. Remove any floor rugs so you don’t trip over them. Clean your home thoroughly so you don’t have to worry about it when you are recuperating after your knee replacement surgery. Stock up on healthy fruits, vegetables, and proteins. Buy simple foods that are quick to prepare, or have a family member assist you with meals during this time.

Having knee replacement surgery isn’t a magical cure in Dublin, Ireland. There is still a recovery process, and you’ll need physical therapy to get back to walking again. You’ll need to follow guidelines for healthy living, and getting regular exercise. But it’s best to begin the process now by booking an appointment with one of our surgeons here at Kardiolita Hospital. Soon your life will be back to moving again and you’ll be much happier and healthier as a result!

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