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How The Next Generation of eBike Kits Are Using Drone Technology

Drones are impressive technology. They fly and can execute automated tasks using software-controlled flight plans, along with onboard sensors and a global positioning system (GPS). Yet, how do drones navigate and know their precise location? And, more importantly, how are smart e-bike kits now using this technology on e-bikes?

In this post, we’ll answer your questions and describe how smart e-bike kits are using location technology and motion sensors to remove parts and improve the e-bike riders’ experience.

1. How do drones keep track of their location?

Drones use GPS to know their precise location. Drones employ a satellite-based navigation system known as GPS to find their way. The onboard computer of the drone uses this information to calculate the drone’s position, velocity, and attitude (the orientation of the drone in three-dimensional space). To function properly, GPS requires that drones have a clear view of the sky.

But what if there are buildings or trees in the way? This is where ground-based stations come in. These stations help to supplement GPS signals and provide more accurate position information to the drone. By using both GPS and ground-based systems, drones can achieve a high level of accuracy when it comes to knowing exactly where they are.

Drones also make use of various onboard sensors to complement the data provided by GPS. Gyroscopes, accelerometers, and magnetometers are examples of such sensors. The angular velocity (more info) of the drone is measured by gyroscopes (how quickly it rotates around its axis). Accelerometers measure the linear acceleration of the drone (how fast it is moving in a straight line). Magnetometers measure the strength and direction of the Earth’s magnetic field. To navigate, the drone needs to know its heading (the direction it is pointing in), which it obtains from this data. Let’s look at how this information is utilized to fly and manage the drone now that we know how drones find their position.

2. How do drones make use of motion sensors and gyroscopes?

Drones are powered by batteries, which are stored in the remote control. Drones require a GPS receiver and onboard sensors to navigate and operate. The drone’s position, velocity, and attitude are determined using the GPS system. Additional data from the GPS is complemented with onboard sensors, which are used to calculate the direction of flight. Gyroscopes measure the angular velocity of the drone and help it to maintain its heading. The accelerometers measure the linear acceleration of the drone, which is used to determine the speed and altitude of the drone. The magnetometers measure the strength and direction of the Earth’s magnetic field, which is used for orientation. This data is all combined by the drone, using software and algorithms to navigate successfully.

Next Generation of Smart eBike Kits

Can you imagine how e-bikes might make use of similar technology to alter their power output according to the circumstances? This is precisely what smart e-bike kits are now doing. Using GPS, they can determine the route the rider is taking and make sure that the motor assists them accordingly.

Technology included within smart ebike kits are:

  • Induction braking
  • Highly-sensitive motion-measuring magnets
  • 6-axis gyroscopes
  • Incline detection sensors
  • Anti-theft tracking via GPS

The onboard computer’s ability to interpret all of the data and adjust the power to provide a smooth ride is where it gets really clever. So let’s continue.

3. How do smart e-bike kits adjust their power using algorithms?

Drones use the data from their Global Positioning System (GPS) and onboard sensors to communicate with the flight controls and maintain stability in flight and guide them to their destination. Similarly, smart e-bike systems utilize an onboard computer system that runs sophisticated software that controls the battery’s power assistance. This software uses algorithms (a set of instructions) to analyze information from the gyroscope, magnets, and sensors to determine how to adjust the power from the battery during your ride.

The e-bike kits systems and algorithms are always being updated and enhanced. This is possible because learning is continuously updated with data to improve the riding experience. There are numerous elements to consider, such as bike weight, rider weight, speed, slope, and braking.

In summary, GPS is used to determine the position of drones, while onboard sensors such as gyroscopes, accelerometers, and magnetometers are used to supplement GPS data.

E-bike kits that are smart, the next-generation models such as Smartfit ebike kits, use similar technology like drones to navigate and give power assistance. Onboard computers employ algorithms to analyse information from gyroscopes, magnets, and sensors in order to calculate how much power to deliver. With the goal of enhancing the riding experience, these algorithms are always being updated and enhanced with new information learned when riding. The level of power assistance and battery power required to ride an e-bike depends on multiple variables. The amount of power assistance an ebike kit delivers is calculated by motion sensors and onboard computers that take into account variables like bike weight, rider weight, speed, incline and braking. As such, next-generation e-bike kits are removing chunky parts, like brake sensors, PAS sensors and magnetic discs to make installing ebike conversion kits easy.

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