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How to Choose the Photographer for the Wedding

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Do you already know how to choose the wedding photographer? We have already talked about it in the past on this blog but today I felt the need to go back to it to deepen the subject, because choosing a wedding photographer is an important thing.

The wedding photographer: how to choose him

First of all, it must be said that the wedding photographer is like a craftsman: he has his own style and technique which can then be recognized in the photos, in this case in the wedding album, says He may like it or he may not like it, it is subjective, but he is and will always remain an artist specializing in wedding photography.

Precisely for this reason, when you go to choose the photographer for your wedding, you must first of all evaluate the style. Do we like his style of him? Do the photos of him arouse emotions and amazement? Do the words “how beautiful this photo” come out of our mouths unconsciously? Here, these are the first signs that the author of those wedding photos is probably the right one for us.

The Style of Wedding Photographers

First of all, it must be said that every photographer has his own style. That is, everyone should have one in wedding photography. From the style we can tell if it’s the right professional for us or not. It is the first step in knowing how to choose a wedding photographer.

The style of course… but what is meant by photographic style? To better understand this concept we will identify the main styles in photography in general and then we will translate the discourse on that of marriage.

Let’s face it; any photographer is inspired by some great myth of the past. Helmut Newton, Henry Cartier Bresson, Ansel Adams, Mario Giacomelli and many others have made the history of photography and have taught entire generations of photographers. Each of them had a well-defined style that ended up being a trend. But if you want to hire a local photographer, Schmittat Photography is recommended.

As a professional in the sector, I can only admire great people like Tyler Wirken, a wedding photographer who does not limit himself to mere shooting, but becomes a photojournalist and tells your story… just like I like to do.

Types of Wedding Photographers

We can generally identify 3 types of photographers:

    the traditional photographer

    the photojournalist

    the creative photographer

The traditional wedding photographer knows how to immortalize all the moments of the ceremony, from start to finish, according to Indeed. He has an excellent photographic technique, he knows how to perfectly compose the scenes to be portrayed and capture the subjects from the right angles. He uses to take photographs especially in poses, although he does not mind, if it happens, to seize the moment. Often, however, the photos taken are the result of his way of working with poses and scenes already thought out in advance which unfortunately can sometimes be repeated in hundreds of other wedding photo albums.

Posed photo

The wedding photojournalist uses to make his own photo shoots in reportage style. From his work comes a real photo report that tells the wedding in an exciting way. He prefers to capture subjects in spontaneous attitudes, he is very good in portrait photography but avoids as much as possible posed photos and photographic stereotypes. The wedding album will be a story able to convey all the emotions felt during the day.

In the following image, the wedding photojournalist captured a small portion of the story of the wedding day. It is just a piece of the puzzle that will make up the complete narrative. Notice the spontaneity and the emotions that transpire from the sweet child framed. A tender moment that otherwise would have escaped from memories with the passage of time.

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