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How to Find a Remote Job as a JavaScript Developer: 4 Tips

Good remote JavaScript developer jobs are the goal of many professionals. Especially when a professional is qualified, which opens up excellent prospects in the labor market. If you want not just to find a job, but to find a job you like, then here are some relevant recommendations.

1. Explore the company’s reputation and values

Before sending your resume to a particular company, read the information about it in more detail. When the company’s management announces a high salary, this is good. But it is important to understand such significant aspects as:

· What are the basic principles of interaction between the company and its employees?

· What operating formats are offered?

· What values does the company declare?

Do not think that the remote work format makes it possible to avoid interaction with the company in terms of values. It is through them that the atmosphere is transmitted and the attitude towards specialists is formed.

2. Be clear about your expectations in your resume

Sometimes specialists who are looking for a good job describe their skills, abilities, and business qualities in sufficient detail in their resume, but at the same time, they are modest about the part where it is worth indicating their expectations from a new job. In this, they make a big mistake. It is important to remember that not only the company chooses a specialist, but also a specialist chooses a company. And if you initially do not suit each other, then it is better not to start such cooperation. Therefore, declaring what you want from the company is the best strategy to ensure that you are considered by exactly the employers that suit you.

3. Keep your professional blog

It can be a page in any of the social networks where you position yourself as a specialist. A person who shares professional knowledge looks more confident. They know how to show their best side and become visible to employers. Also, the best solution would be to record your podcast on IT topics or collaborate with a professional publication and maintain a column there. There are many options for publicity. The main thing is to choose the one that will be comfortable and promising for you professionally.

4. Don’t neglect networking

Interaction with the professional community always opens up many interesting prospects, says Forbes. Perhaps there you will meet representatives of a team of IT professionals who are looking for just such a colleague as you. In short, do not lose professional connections. It is important to support them in order to always be aware of the latest news, including employment.

Summing up, it is worth noting that a beautiful resume alone is not enough. An important role is played by the systematic support of one’s visibility as a specialist. This applies to the community of colleagues and potential employers. You should also always be honest about your expectations from the workplace. This increases the chances of finding exactly the job where you feel comfortable.

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