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How to Find the Right Ruby Claddagh Ring

The Claddagh ring is a wonderful gift for that special person in your life, and with a fiery ruby stone worked into the classic design, this piece of jewelry is sure to make their eyes light up. This July birthstone ring is a standout piece with a rich history and an elegant look. 

Claddagh Rings – What Do They Mean?

These are traditional Irish rings that represent the ideas of loyalty, love, and friendship. They are beautifully crafted rings made in the design of two hands holding a heart, and on top of the heart is a royal crown. With this ring, you can show off your heritage or your love of Ireland. If you like jewelry with meaning, then Claddagh rings are certainly worth a look. 

The birthstone gem within a Claddagh ring holds special meaning as well. These are often pieces of jewelry that signify a romantic relationship. When the heart faces outward, that tells people that the wearer is single, and when the heart faces inward, it conveys the message that the wearer is in a relationship. There are meanings associated with wearing the ring on different hands as well. The birthstone Claddagh ring is traditionally given as a wedding present, or to celebrate someone’s birthday. 

Choosing the Color

The ruby Claddagh rings have incredible beauty, especially if you choose one with a rich and dazzling color. The ones people adore the most are those that have a purple hue or a bright red appearance. Dark colored stones will make the ring look less vibrant, and light colored ones are classified as pink sapphires rather than rubies. 

The bright red ruby looks stunning when placed in a silver setting, as that enhances the gemstone’s brilliance. Claddagh rings with this kind of design are ideal for Valentine’s Day. 

Why Buy Your Claddagh Ring from Us?

We can provide beautiful Claddagh rings for any occasion and to suit any taste. Our rings are crafted by experienced jewelry makers in Dublin and come with a 30-day return guarantee. 

The Very Finest Claddagh Birthstone Jewelry

Rubies in their brightest, reddest hue always look amazing (source), and their beauty is enhanced when you pair multiple gemstones together. You can combine your ruby Claddagh ring with a set of birthstone earrings or a Claddagh ruby necklace to make your look complete. A Claddagh ruby necklace allows you to keep the gemstone very near your heart. 

Our exquisite collection of Claddagh birthstone jewelry lets you carry your love with you and allows you to demonstrate your adoration for that special someone in your life. You can have your birthstone placed into other kinds of Claddagh jewelry for a unique look that will turn heads and make you feel radiant. 

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