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How to improve efficiency of HR teams

In a time where companies need to become more efficient, the HR department is very often an area that lags behind in terms of performance and efficiency. The traditional “HR manager” has been around since industrialization and in most organizations this role is still pivotal in determining the success or failure of the company. Fundamentally though, we shouldn’t expect the role of the HR manager to remain static.

Every department in a company needs to be evolving over time, including the HR department. By adapting to changes in society, technology and business expectations, HR teams can become more efficient at what they do. After all, an organization’s success is largely determined by how well its employees are treated and motivated. This post will give some great examples on how to improve the processes and efficiency of HR teams.

The role of HR

First we need to define what the traditional role of an HR manager is. There are many different ways in which specific companies implement this function, but most can agree that at its core it’s all about people. As such, HR managers make sure that the business hires the right people, according to At a much deeper level, they also manage employees by dealing with their personal issues, offering counseling and coaching to make them perform better or simply to keep them happy enough so they remain at the organization for long periods of time.

HR managers uphold company rules by resolving conflicts between employees and make sure that all employees are treated fairly. They design and implement HR policies, ensuring fairness for everyone within the company. Finally, the HR managers may also be involved in external contacts with customers and vendors regarding employment issues such as hiring practices or disciplinary actions. This list barely scratches the surface of what modern day human resources actually do but it’s a good starting point.

It’s certainly a difficult job and the more so if the organization they work for is unaware of how best to do their jobs. That’s why we explore some ways in which HR managers may improve the efficiency of their team and thus make everyone happier!


The first way to improve efficiency within your company is through automation. Within the HR department, there are many processes that could be streamlined and made faster by automating them.

You can look for automation opportunities in fields such as recruitment when searching for job vacancies online, uploading resumes and screening applicants. There’s also the option of using automated candidate matching software to find out who would be a good fit within your business.

Another area in which automation can be very helpful is within employee administration. This includes things like issuing pay slips, tracking attendance hours and timesheets. All these tasks are time consuming for an HR manager but could easily be automated with the right software.

This will free up time that could then be used to focus on other important areas of HR management. It will also make the HR managers look better to their superiors as they cut down on manual processes and offer more comprehensive service than before.

Contextual information

There’s a lot of contextual information that an HR manager might find useful in their day-to-day work. Things like where someone works, what department they’re with and other relevant contact information are all useful pieces of knowledge that should be easily accessed. With all this data in one place, the HR manager would be able to make better decisions and save time by not having to look it up manually.

It may sound like a simple task but gathering together all the different bits of data your company has on an employee is not an easy task. However, when it’s done it will provide the key to many doors and ensure that HR managers are leveraging all the information available to them in their day-to-day work.

Processing times

Having contextual data is great but knowing when to use it is equally important. An HR manager could easily become bogged down in the information overload that’s all around them when they try to do too much at once. This is where being able to prioritize what needs to be done first becomes important.

That means establishing clear processing times for different tasks so that HR managers know which ones are urgent and should have their attention right away. There are many pieces of software that can help with this and allow employees to add their own tasks too.

Once the processing times are set, it will become much easier for HR managers to deal with requests from employees and cut things like disciplinary actions down to a minimum of time wasted. This is because they’ll know what needs to be dealt with quickly and which requests can wait until later in the day.

Employee administration

The final way to improve efficiency within your HR team is by streamlining the employee administration process. This includes things like issuing payslips, tracking attendance times and processing requests for annual leave among other tasks. These can be time consuming and take up a lot of an HR manager’s time but there are ways in which they can be made easier and more streamlined.

One of the best ways to help with this is by ensuring that your HR software is up to date. Most HR teams use some kind of employee administration software, like CIPHR,  and it’s important that any new features will enhance the way things are done rather than make them even harder for HR managers to deal with.

It’s also worth looking into automated software that can help with things like issuing payslips. This can all be done without even having to leave the office and will speed up the entire process. By automating these tasks, not only does it free HR managers from spending hours on them but it also means that employees receive their requested documents much more quickly.

This will make them happier and more likely to recommend your company as a place to work, meaning that the content of your HR team will stay high.

In conclusion, there are many ways in which an HR manager can improve efficiency within their department. Having contextual data at their fingertips, processing times for different tasks and streamlining employee administration processes are all key to ensuring that your HR team works like a well oiled machine.

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