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Internet Marketing

How to Make Compelling Videos

If your advertising videos seem a little flat and lifeless, then your business could benefit from improving them. Videomaker by breathes new life into your videos, taking the amateur, boring sales videos and making them look professional.

The Missing Ingredient

What is it that makes videos interesting to people – interesting enough that they want to watch them all the way through? Flashy visuals help. A strong voice narration is good too. But if your video does not have a compelling story to it, then you will lose your viewers quickly. You need a way to gain their interest and keep it until the video is over, allowing you to present them with your entire sales pitch. The Videomaker by program gives you the tools to do that, so you can create compelling videos from start to finish.

That missing ingredient of storytelling is what makes so many videos tank, and they quickly lose viewers as people get tired of them before they are finished. With compelling storytelling components, though, your video will make for a powerful sales tool, growing your audience and improving your sales effectiveness.

A Suite of Great Features

Videomaker by is a fully featured video creation program. It comes with a copy maker service that creates compelling words to fill your video. It uses AI design to find the right word for your audience and draw them in. It also includes a voiceover component that helps you lay audio over your video. The speech maker feature writes narration that is engaging, and then the video maker aspect helps you integrate images and video clips into the larger video. It then becomes very simple to make the kinds of videos that your audience will want to watch, engage with, and then share with others.

Having all of these great tools at your fingertips can give you the ability to transform your sales videos from rudimentary and bland, to complex and exciting. You can use a variety of techniques to wow your audience and make your videos dramatic and worth watching. You can craft something you are proud of.

If you hesitate to share videos you make with others because of the low quality, then you have a problem. Videomaker by solves the problem through the technological prowess of Designs AI. It comes up with a storytelling component that your video might be lacking, giving the audience what they want, even if they don’t know that is what they want. You will make content that sticks with the viewer, and that helps to make your business recognizable and interesting to customers. With the added power of storytelling, your video content will be elevated to the next level. The Copywriter in the Videomaker uses AI to create an entire range of marketing materials using basic points to allow you to produce marketing copies in seconds. This is important because copyrighting can make or break your business.

So give it a try today – create your marketing videos hassle-free with Videomaker by!

Features of Videomaker by

Use the text-to video technology to transform articles, posts, and text scripts into powerful, fully-edited videos in more than 20 languages.

  • 10M clips, 170M images, 500K audio files, 50 voices
  • Resize for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, etc.
  • Stunning effects, transitions, animations and icons
  • Create videos in 3 easy steps – enter your information, AI creates your video and then download!
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