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How To Shop For The Best Feminine Hygiene Dispenser

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If you’re looking for a feminine hygiene dispenser, there are a lot of brands and styles to choose from. But the dispensers all have the same basic function: they hold feminine hygiene products and dispense them through a nozzle when removed from their packaging, so it’s important to make sure that your new dispenser will work with your specific brand and style of product.

There are several factors to consider when shopping for feminine hygiene dispensers. We will look at them in a short while.

Meanwhile, let’s look at types of feminine hygiene dispenser.

Types of Feminine Hygiene Dispensers

There are three main types of feminine hygiene dispensers available. Each one is best suited for certain brands or styles of products. The most common types are the hang-style dispensers and the wall-mounted models. 

The wall-mounted model can be mounted on almost any flat surface using the screws included, and both models can be installed on a wall with mounting tape if there aren’t any pre-existing holes available. 

But what sets them apart is how they hold the product. The hang-style dispenser uses an arm to hold the product, which can be up to 12″ long, while the wall-mounted version holds the product behind or alongside it, allowing it to hold up to 24″ of product.

Tips for Shopping for Feminine Hygiene Dispensers

The price of refills

The price of refills is not something you think about when you buy your first feminine hygiene product dispenser, but it can be a big factor in the long run. Most brands of feminine hygiene dispensers require special refills that may be hard to find or expensive when you do. This can result in additional expenses that may outweigh the dispenser’s convenience. It would be best to find a standard refill dispenser so you can easily replace it when needed.

The material used for making the dispenser

Many companies sell these dispensers made of solid plastic, hollow plastic and vinyl. However, it is advisable that you purchase one made with safe materials such as solid plastic or vinyl, as opposed to those made of cheap hollow plastic. This is because hollow plastic can sometimes leak, causing discomfort.

How often do I need refills?

When considering feminine hygiene dispensers, consider how often you’ll need refills. While there are dispensers that you can use for up to two years, most people need a new one every few months. This is because the product will dry out, so the best bet is to restock as soon as it becomes less effective.

Consider a battery-powered model

A battery-powered dispenser can be used in remote locations and places without electricity. If you’re looking for a feminine hygiene dispenser that’s easy to install but don’t want to worry about installing a power source, consider purchasing one with a battery. These are great for women who are out camping or traveling as they won’t need access to electricity to use them. Battery-powered dispensers may also be preferable if your home has an off-grid water source or rainwater collection system because they will not require any electricity or plumbing connections to function properly.

Determine the appropriate number of containers to install

Before choosing the right dispenser, you’ll need to determine the appropriate number of containers. Lowering it or raising it by even a few inches may be enough to make all the difference in how much you use your feminine hygiene product.

To determine how many containers you should install, consider how often those around will use them and how long they’ll need access to them. An automatic refilling system may be necessary if many people use this item throughout the day. 

Automatic dispensers are more expensive than manual dispensers, so you may want to consider whether or not they’re worth it. Automatic dispensers come with various features, including timers and voice prompts. Automatic dispensers are also hygienic and easy to use.

Determine where you need your dispensers installed

You’ll need to determine where you need your dispensers installed. This is important because the number of dispensers you need depends on the number of stalls and urinals in your facility. If there is more than one stall for every urinal, you may want to consider installing a dispenser. If there are only one or two stalls for every four urinals, installing some dispensers near the entrance may be better than leaving most of them out in the open areas.

Aligns with your customers’ needs

Due to medical conditions, such as endometriosis (see NHS) or heavy menstrual bleeding (more details), it’s important to choose a feminine hygiene dispenser that best meets your target group’s needs. You should also consider buying a quality dispenser that will last.

The right product can make your life easier and help prevent embarrassing situations in public restrooms.

Even if you don’t use the product daily, there’s still an advantage to having one around, knowing there is no long line at the public restroom.

The shape of the container

The most important aspect is the dispenser’s shape, which must fit comfortably in your hand. In addition to the classic cylinder-shaped dispensers, there are oval and egg-shaped dispensers designed to fit more comfortably in the palm of your hand. All top models have at least one of these three shapes, though you may have to look around a bit to find the best deal.

Key Takeaway

Feminine hygiene dispensers have been used for decades for their ease of use and convenience, particularly in public spaces like schools, airplanes and other places where women have their periods without access to a private bathroom. While there are newer innovations like period panties that hold feminine hygiene products in place without the need for a dispenser, those aren’t always practical, nor are they often allowed on airplanes or in other situations where you aren’t given access to your baggage. And the best feminine hygiene dispenser fits your needs and helps keep your space clean. When shopping for a new dispenser, remember that many options are available to suit any preference. 

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