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How To Trace An IP Address In 2022

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IP addresses are like the mailing address of your computer. In fact, they are like the mailing address of every device that connects to the Internet and allows people to send and receive data. There is much one can find out about an individual or a business by tracing their IP address, and we’ll tell you how!

What Is An IP Address?

Internet Protocol Address or IP address is a distinctive identifier assigned to each device connecting to the Internet, says Norton. An IP address is more or less like a phone number for the Internet. Every time you log in to the Internet, you are assigned one by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Every port and device connected to the Internet has its own (more info). 

What Is Internet Protocol

Have you ever wondered how one machine knows how to connect to another and the type of data to share with it? The answer is simple, through Internet protocol. It is a set of processes that dictates the connecting and sharing of information across the web.

The Need For IP Addresses

All devices using the Internet are programmed to adhere to the Internet protocol. It sets boundaries within which they interact with each other. But this communication is not possible if the machines can’t identify each other. Therefore, each device connecting to the Internet has an IP address.

Usually, an IP address consists of a string of numbers separated by periods. To know your IP address, go to Google search and type “What’s my IP.” You will see a number like 246.148.306.719. Anytime you send an email or visit a website, your footprint is seen and recognized by your device’s IP address. This is where things start getting murky. It is because everybody is not comfortable letting others know what they are doing with their Internet-enabled device.

Reasons For Tracing An IP Address

On the one hand, the IP address maintains the anonymity of the user, yet it is often used to identify the device’s location. There are three main reasons why somebody may want to track the IP address. These include:

  1. Legal concerns
  2. Marketing
  3. Detecting frauds or scams

How IP Addresses Are Traced In 2022

When devices that use the Internet protocol connect, they acknowledge each other. Often, this acknowledgment is referred to as a “handshake,” and at this time, the interacting devices share their IP address and port number. The IP address of your device lets the other device know where to send the requested information. Using the information exchanged during the handshake, one can track the IP addresses.

When you visit a website on your smartphone, your network sends an information packet that contains your IP address and port number to the server hosting the website. The server uses this information to learn which network is requesting access. Thus, it can now quickly pinpoint the device to which the response (access to the website) is sent.

At this point, both the website and the server on which it is hosted know your IP address. Your Internet service provider also logs a record of the visit. Typically, this is where tracking stops. So even if a person were to get hold of your IP address, they still wouldn’t be able to learn all you did on the Internet. Only the ISP (Internet Service Provider) has this complete record, and in rare cases, they can share this data with others. 

Can Someone’s Exact Location Be Found Through an IP Address?

One can find someone’s exact location if you have an IP address. But here’s the catch. This information is available only with the ISP, and they are not going to hand it over either under duress or a polite request. Only police can ask for the information and then too not without a proper court order.

If you are being harassed by someone whose IP address you have over the Internet, it would be foolish to hope the ISP will give you the person’s address. Your best choice of action is to file a complaint with the police and allow them to investigate the matter through proper channels.

Do The IP Address Lookup Tools Work?

There are several online tools available to trace an IP address. No IP address lookup tool provides the person’s precise physical location, but the information you get would suffice if you’re using it for marketing or fraud detection activities. What you really get from the online IP address lookup tools is the name of the city, country, timezone, postal code, and where the person used the device.

Some tools may claim to provide more data points. But the data you receive from them is excellent for online marketing and other digital activities. Practically speaking, you still don’t know the actual physical address of the said IP address.


There is only one way to trace an IP address to its precise physical location, and that is the legal way. But If you are tracing it for online marketing and content personalization activities, you can always use IP geolocation tools.

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