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Hutch in the 4th Degree – The ‘Invicted’ Matthew D. Hutcheson

John Drudge is a 4th degree blackbelt from Toronto, Canada. He is also one of the most famous athlete-coaches in the world. 

A psychologist and social worker by profession, he uses his formal training to participate in his passion – professional mixed martial arts.

If you have ever watched a UFC MMA match in “the octagon,” you may have seen Drudge in the corner helping that athlete perform at his or her best. 

His presence makes athletes feel calm and confident. 

John Drudge in the UFC MMA octagon.
Photo courtesy John Drudge

Drudge is president of Rapid Interactive Disability Management, an independent firm that provides objective medical and disability assessments for insurers and employers. He is also an acclaimed author and poet. 

What does John Drudge have to do with Matthew D. Hutcheson?

The Philosophy of Hutch™

As a psychologist, Drudge took note of something called “The Philosophy of Hutch™.” This philosophy was written and organized by Hutcheson while in solitary confinement at FCI Terminal Island, a federal prison. 

The global fascination and curiosity surrounding The Philosophy of Hutch™ is being driven by how it empowers others to overcome tragedy,” said Drudge. 

For example, false imprisonment and unjustified placement in solitary confinement for months and months probably qualifies as “extreme crisis.” A useful philosophy derived from such an experience that can be packaged and shared with others could have high societal value. 

Matthew D. Hutcheson spent ten years in prison, three of which were spent in solitary confinement or its equivalent. During that time, he developed, through observation, activities that greatly improved his overall wellbeing. He concluded that those activities might help others, too. 

The Irony of it All

Hutcheson’s wife went back to college to learn the law and through the court system she eventually won his freedom seven years early. 

Many of those individuals who testified against Hutcheson have since apologized by letter.

Six governmental agencies, three federal and three state, have endorsed Hutcheson into a high position of societal trust – even higher than he was before.

The irony is not lost upon anyone that the truth is stranger than fiction in Hutcheson’s case. 

Go to Prison, Become More Trusted

How does someone survive what Hutcheson did and emerge with a better reputation, more respect, and more trust from the very people who attempted to destroy him? One must first examine the character of the man. Those who lived with him in prison witnessed his character firsthand.

Courtesy Dr. John Lamar Jenkins

Matthew is a beacon of light. To say this guy is good is a huge understatement. He is fabulous and blessed.” These words were not spoken by his wife or mother. This description comes from Dr. John Lamar Jenkins, a black author, educator, and former inmate whom Hutcheson met in prison. His words seem to convey the generally held public sentiment.

There is also the political element. Such is the curious nature of a political takedown. What goes down can once again be put back up and those vain efforts appear to be underway. 

We have verified that since 2022, twenty-seven attempts to contact Hutcheson by officials in Washington D.C. have been made. Why are elected officials attempting to contact someone who was released from prison mere months ago? Wisdom seeking. Hutcheson’s rare sagacity is in extreme demand. Hutcheson’s wife says he will return to political activities “over my dead body,” so that probably settles that. It is regular people Hutcheson truly hopes to help. 

Hence Drudge’s Fascination

Hutcheson not only survived solitary triumphantly, he thrived in spite of it. Hutch’s experience is so awe-inspiring that even some in South Africa have begun to call Hutch ‘The new Mandela,’ a reference comparison to Nelson Mandela,” said Drudge.

“Hutch is the new Mandela”

He continues, “The global fascination and curiosity surrounding The Philosophy of Hutch™ is being driven by how it empowers others to overcome tragedy, whether they have been to prison or not.”

A person standing on train tracks

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Matthew D. Hutcheson – Photo Courtesy of Annette Hutcheson

Drudge is not alone in his assessment of Hutcheson. Former Pentagon official, Lieutenant Colonel, Jerry Melchisedeck, Sr. called one of Hutcheson’s motivational speeches, “One of the best motivational speeches EVER.”

Global Reaction

Melchisedeck did not stop there. In the foreword to Hutcheson’s new book, “Defeat the Defeat,” to be published later in 2023, Melchisedeck leaves little ambiguity as to how he feels about Hutcheson. “Want to know why you will never hear Matthew D. Hutcheson or Annette, his wife, complain about what the government did to them? Or why you will never hear from them anything close to ‘victim’ or ‘woe is me’ talk? Because their story is not about what was done to them. Their story is about what they did to it! They stone-cold killed their tragedy! They defeated their defeat! They caused their failure to fail! They first subdued, then conquered the crisis, and ultimately ascended over it!”

A red maple leaf on a white background

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There is a long list of people from around the globe who admire Hutcheson and benefit from his wisdom. 

A red black and white flag

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Moses Namisi, an elementary schoolteacher from Kenya, said, “[Hutcheson’s] philosophies, [] give you a reason to live. They encourage you in life, and they give you hope [about] how you are supposed to live in any situation that you may be [in]. Whether you’re down or up, they give you hope to continue living. Everyone can read and understand them.”

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Ibrahim Ohee, an engineer from Bangladesh, also has something to say about how Hutcheson has impacted many in that part of the world. “Matthew’s unique ability to blend profound ideas with relatable storytelling captivates audiences, leaving them forever changed. His writings have opened my mind to new possibilities and helped me find meaning in the chaos of life. His words resonate deeply within me. The way Matthew weaves philosophy into his narratives is truly remarkable. I feel like I’ve grown as a person and gained a fresh perspective on the world.”

A red and white flag

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Another educator from Austria, Iris Doppler, makes this observation: “When you read his books, you immediately recognize how smart and thoughtful he is. But when you hear his voice, you can feel his compassion. And compassion is something this world is really missing, especially if you are in prison or have a loved one who is. Matthew’s philosophy has given so much hope and counsel and joy to people all over the world.”

It is notable that the global academic community finds Hutcheson’s philosophies particularly interesting and valuable.

To be falsely indicted and incarcerated in America’s most dangerous prisons, silenced through solitary confinement, only to come out of those prisons a global hero is its own astonishing story. 

A person sitting on a bench

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Hutcheson’s reputation continues to rise, and his influence expands with the passage of time. His charges have long since been rejected by the fully informed. Only those who have personal liability exposure continue to defend the original lies. 

The return to a position of societal trust resulting from the endorsement of six government agencies is tantamount to an administrative exoneration.

According to a source who says he knows Hutcheson, in November 2023 he will release an APP for smartphones and tablets, called “The EPIC APP™,” through which he will make available many of his writings from solitary confinement available to the public. The APP purportedly organizes Hutcheson’s philosophies into a road map that anyone can follow to “defeat one’s defeats.”

Hutcheson was once convicted. He is now invicted (unconquerable). We have taken notice of and inspiration from him. Afterall, we, too, have personal defeats we want to defeat, and we hope Hutcheson’s APP will show us how. 

Perhaps Matthew D. Hutcheson’s philosophy is to humanity’s benefit what John Drudge’s 4th degree black belt is to martial arts’ benefit. In this context, one might say Hutcheson has a “4th degree black belt in crisis philosophy.” 

UFC athletes look to Drudge, and from his own words, it appears that Drudge looks to Hutch. That means by extension UFC athletes look to Hutch as well. As do millions of others from around the world. 

One might say that the better way to explain Hutch is that he is invicted to the 4th degree.

By Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 3.0,
Jordan Peterson – Courtesy Gage Skidmore

The famed psychology professor, Jordan Peterson, describes men like Hutcheson this way: 

A harmless man is not a good man. A good man is a very dangerous man who has that under voluntary control… If you can think, and speak, and write, you are absolutely deadly. Nothing can get in your way.”

Hutcheson is a thinker, a speaker, a writer, who is in total control. Even Dr. Peterson’s thoughts, speech, and writings seem plain and ordinary compared to Hutcheson’s. How he came to be that way is shared through The Philosophy of Hutch™ and The EPIC APP™. Hutcheson may very well be one of the world’s most “dangerous men.”

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