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Is It Time to Upgrade Your Power Poles?

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If you have received a Defect Notice from Western Power. What does that mean?

All private consumer power poles are being inspected by Western Power following the government judgement after the Parkerville fire (see details).

If the inspector notices any kind of structural defect (rotting, rust, corrosion, or a damaged pole), they will issue a defect notice. These kinds of defects could cause power shortages and fires, so they need to be identified and remedied.

What Should I Do After Receiving My Notice?

The defect notice will have a deadline listed in which to fix the problem, often ranging from 30-90 days. All work done on power poles should be carried out by an electrical contractor with the proper qualifications. The contractor will need to submit a notice to Western Power regarding the work they tend to carry out. This will help Western Power determine when to disconnect and reconnect the power supply.

Verlek have qualified electrical contractors who can handle the work from beginning to end, and they are experienced at liaising with Western Power. If you are not following the proper steps to repair the problem, Western Power could issue you a power disconnection notice.

Is It Expensive to Replace Power Poles?

How much you will pay for power pole replacement depends on a few factors. Replacing a single pole can be able $2,400, but then your costs will increase if there is a switchboard connected to the pole, or if the overhead power lines feed directly into the main power line.

Verlek can inspect your power for you, and give you a free quote for the work, which will cover all the associated costs (parts and labour).

How Quickly Can I Have My Power Pole Replaced?

After you hire a qualified contractor, they will need to contact Western Power and obtain approval. But once that happens, the work can start immediately. Your contractor can begin getting things in order for the work before they receive approval, so that there is no unnecessary delay in replacing your power poles. The work can begin whenever it is convenient for both the client and the contractor. For a power pole to be replaced, Wester Power will need to disconnect power and then reconnect it when the work is finished. Verlek will ensure that there is as little inconvenience to you as possible, and that your power is reconnected quickly.

If you hire Verlek to handle the power pole replacement and repairs, they can give you a clear timeframe in which to expect the work to be completed, so you know what to expect. While there may be unexpected delays, they will work hard to get your power back up and your pole replaced as quickly as possible.

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