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Is Tipi Hire Right for Your Wedding?

Img Source - Tipi Tent Blog

You want your wedding to be unique, and the event itself to be a memorable one, and you may be looking for non-traditional venues. You might want to consider tipi hire to make your wedding extra special. Here is why it could be a great option for you.

1.Make It Your Way

Tipi rentals are truly modular, which means they can be modified to suit your purposes, says Origami Marquees. You can choose the entertainment and catering for your venue, as well as decorations, location, and layout. It’s all up to you when you choose this versatile venue option, and you can get the wedding of your dreams instead of compromising over and over. 

2. The Outdoor Environment

Outdoor weddings can be tough to control, but tipi hire makes it a lot easier. You can get a great view of the outdoors and open up the tent as much as you want. Take in the beautiful scenery and have your tipi placed where the views are really amazing. That way, you can have an amazing wedding full of natural beauty that enhances the beauty of your décor. 

3. Experience Less Stress

Did you know that being outdoors can relieve stress? If you want to nip the stress for the wedding day in the bud, then this may be the way to do it. The natural sights, smells, and sounds of the outdoors can help everyone to relax instead of feeling wired up and anxious. 

4. Awe-Inspiring

Most weddings take place at a church, with the reception in large halls. Yours can be different if you hire a tipi. You can create an experience for your family and friends that is truly memorable that they will cherish for the rest of their lives.

5. Food Truck Catering

You can do something different with the catering service as well for your wedding. Bringing food trucks right to the door of the tent makes for a great way to shake things up, and give your guests superb food they will love. 

6. Make It Instagram Worthy

You know a lot of your guests will want to post pictures to Instagram and other social media sites, and you can give them a venue with sights that are worth showing the world. The natural environment makes for an ideal, romantic setting that will help your guests make great memories and take amazing photos. 

7. Works Well Any Time of Year

The wedding tipi is designed to be very durable, so it can hold up against strong wind and bad weather. The cool indoor environment it provides offers shade in the hot summer months. This is perfect for weddings all throughout the year. 

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