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IT Staff Recruitment with Professional Recruiters from Sowelo

Understanding the requirements of the IT industry, the needs of candidates and the expectations of clients – these are the basic tasks of successful recruiters. To meet them, they must constantly expand their knowledge and follow trends. This is because the IT industry is changing most dynamically of all industries. In the current situation, with a high demand on tech professionals on the job market, establishing cooperation with a professional recruitment agency turns out to be the best way to quickly acquire highly qualified employees.

However, finding a trustworthy recruiter agency is not that easy. It is worth focusing in your search on experienced specialists who have already completed many successful projects and have a great reputation among their clients. Sowelo recruitment agency is such a company. As of today, Sowelo has more than 1600 completed projects, 135 open projects and more than 180 satisfied clients. 

Finding and hiring qualified candidates according to the requirements presented by the client is the main task of Sowelo Consulting. This recruitment company was founded in 2007. The experienced team of specialists adapts to the client’s organizational culture. In their work they apply the direct search method. They also use a rich database of contacts and referrals from the market. 

Cooperation with Sowelo means saving time and definitely lower recruitment costs. Recruiters find suitable candidates for a given vacancy very quickly. Information about IT Recruitment Poland costs is available at In case of cooperation with Sowelo are lower by as much as 30 percent. 

What’s more, the company provides its clients with a 3-6 month guarantee for each candidate. Thus, it builds long-term cooperation with its clients, based on trust and loyalty. 

IT recruitment, outsourcing and consultancy offered by Sowelo 

Since its establishment, Sowelo recruitment agency has conducted a lot of IT recruitment processes. The company and its team have survived numerous difficult situations. They emerged unscathed from the Covid-19 pandemic, too. Now they are constantly gaining new experience and adapting their working methods to the fast-changing labor market. 

There are numerous benefits of cooperation with Sowelo. Let’s mention consulting on general optimization of recruitment processes, employer brand positioning, advice on the organization of employee files and applicable labor laws, the possibility of preparing an overall recruitment strategy, free due diligence services and process diagnosis. 

It is worth adding that Sowelo’s offer is not only the already mentioned IT recruitment Poland. They offer Executive Search, IT Contracting, Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Talent Market Mapping, Recruitment Process Assessment or Employer Branding. For more details you can check at our website.

Benefits of Sowelo headhunters recruitment strategies

Sowelo specializes in the broadly understood IT recruitment Poland. This means that recruiters know the IT market very well, as they have already carried out many projects for IT clients both in Poland and abroad. Headhunters from Sowelo know what drives the IT market and what personal and professional qualities and soft skills leaders and specialists in the industry should possess. 

Sowelo are specialists in recruiting in the areas of software, internet, storage, infrastructure, networks, security, mobile and consulting services. They are committed to finding the best candidates, they know how to find a good resume and find real talent among hundreds of offers. When doing IT recruitment Poland, they use ATS and other programs to support the recruitment process. 

If you are short of suitable candidates, or if your ad has a lot of interest, but in the applications you receive you notice a lack of fulfillment of basic requirements, or you simply do not have time to recruit – do not hesitate to contact Sowelo as soon as possible. As a professional recruitment agency, it will not only help you find the best tech talents in the talent pool and hire new employees, but also guarantee the closure of recruitment processes within a given time frame. You will save a lot of time that was taken up by analyzing applications. If you entrust this task to great recruiters, you will get a database of candidates properly matched to your requirements and you will save a lot of valuable time only contacting them. 

How to avoid mistakes in the IT recruitment process?

IT Recruitment failure is a considerable cost (see why here). These are not only costs associated with hiring the wrong person, but they are also image costs for the company (source). However, many mistakes can be avoided at the recruitment stage, but it is true that only experienced recruiters are able to spot dangers already at the stage of analyzing CV or asking interview questions. 

Meticulous research, which Sowelo offers its clients at allows to avoid the so-called bad hires. 

It is extremely important for recruiters to know the industry. Unfortunately, it happens very often that recruiters do not have a clue about the IT industry. It is not worth entrusting the recruitment process to people who are totally unfamiliar with the specifics of your company’s operations or the employer’s requirements for a particular position. Valuable candidates hate being asked questions unrelated to the job, work experience, skills, etc., and unfortunately this happens quite often. 

Candidates want to know the decision on their candidacy for a position as soon as possible. Unfortunately, some recruitment and interview processes seem to drag on forever. This often makes a very valuable skilled IT professionals decide to quit. They prefer to take part in another recruitment. 

A shorter recruitment process and up-to-date information about the outcome of each of its stages mean a lot. So does the reliable information about the number of stages and the expected duration of the entire recruitment at the very beginning. All these ensure that the quality candidates know from the beginning what to expect and are aware of the whole process. 

Constructive feedback is also extremely important. It is worth informing each of the candidates who were not hired for the position why they were not accepted. It is extremely helpful in subsequent recruitment processes. Additionally, it affects the reputation and image of the company and its human resources department.

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