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Mailmodo: The Next-Gen Marketing Tool for the Marketers

Email marketing is a lucrative marketing approach that upsurges any marketing campaign. Whether a blog promotion, product launch, business conference, or even an exhibition, email marketing upswings any marketing strategy. Marketers consider email conversation a more professional and powerful approach to business. Even as social media booms, email marketing remains unwaveringly strong. Each year, marketers strive harder to develop and implement new ways to boost email marketing for their businesses.

Emails have evolved dramatically over the years; the first web 1.0 only had static content on a webpage. Then came Web 2.0 (see here), which allowed users to interact with the website by filling out forms, adding comments, liking, and sharing. However, there are some limitations to today’s email that limit users’ ability to interact with the content and prevent users from passing through the conversion funnel. 

About 91% of email recipients said they are likely to engage with an interactive email. For this, marketers need to look for a modern solution to redefine the inboxes of users and revolutionalize traditional email marketing.

Simplifying Email Marketing

Mailmodo, a non-code tool, assists marketers in leveraging the power of AMP Emails to improve user experience, simplify email marketing setup and boost email marketing ROI. It is the most disruptive no-code tool that assists marketers in significantly increasing email engagement levels.

AMP Email is a Google framework that allows emails to render and display dynamic elements such as accordions, carousels, forms, calendars, shopping carts, dynamic APIs, and so on within the mail-body. It embeds a mini-website within an email.

With Mailmodo, marketers don’t have to worry about coding. Marketers can drag and drop AMP blocks into the editor to design emails. They can easily personalize content for each user and even upload their HTML files. Not just this, marketers can analyze user behavior and market data to automate email campaigns. This helps them to create user journey maps and optimize the sales funnel at every single step. 

Maximizing Email Conversions

Mailmodo simplifies the user’s experience by shortening the conversion funnel. Traditional emails require prospects to click a link in the email to take action, such as signing up, checking out, subscribing, or purchasing something. Users are redirected to another page, and many hurdles, such as page load, log in, and so on, occur before the conversion can happen. 

Mailmodo removes all these barriers and reduces the number of conversion steps required. The innovative tool allows app-like emails to be delivered directly to inboxes, eliminates all redirects, dramatically increases conversion rates, and transforms email into an actionable channel for marketers.

Marketers can use Mailmodo to increase survey responses, event signups, registrations, cart recovery rate, and lead generation.

Mailmodo also works to improve usability and provides modern UI/UX functionalities in an email marketing tool designed to increase email conversions.

Resolving the Pain Points of Marketers

A marketer’s primary pain points using email marketing are low delivery rates, low open rate, low click rate, poor deliverability, and attaining relevance. Mailmodo solves these persistent challenges by making interactive AMP emails accessible to all marketers. AMP email framework powers interactivity inside emails by offering interactive widgets like forms, carousel, accordions, and checkout flows inside emails.

Creating AMP Emails necessitates specialized coding, and sending these emails is difficult because marketers need to understand the protocols established by email clients. Mailmodo addresses these issues by providing no-code tools; marketers can create and customize AMP emails in minutes by dragging and dropping editors. At its end, Mailmodo manages all of the processes involved in sending AMP Emails, saving marketers’ time and effort.

Boosting Conventional Email Marketing Features

For a long time, marketers have relied on email marketing. They’ve mastered all of the standard email marketing features. To that end, Mailmodo enables marketers to use AMP emails in their daily email marketing campaigns with the force of all traditional email marketing features. Marketers can easily use Mailmodo without any coding or markup language knowledge.

Mailmodo is a complete ESP, not just an AMP email creation and delivery platform. Email automation, campaign management, contact segmentation, list management, analytics, and all other features found in a traditional email setup are available in Mailmodo too. Thus, Mailmodo enables marketers to create and send AMP emails while maintaining full access to email marketing features.

End Points

Mailmodo transforms traditional email marketing by improving the user experience and maximizing email marketing efforts. The no-code platform simplifies building interactive emails. Mailmodo is on a mission to make marketers’ lives easier by bringing interactive AMP emails to the mainstream.

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