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After the dust settles, and you see that you are awarded with a GSA Schedule contract, it is time to think about what to do next. Your profits and overall success on the federal market depend significantly on marketing efforts. And there actually is a lot you can do in this sphere.

Pre-award activity

Surely, as a current GSA contractor you already know this, but it is still worth repeating for those who are now on their way to government contracting.

In order to sell to the federal government as a small business, you must first register at Needless to say, by that time your business must be fully legitimate in terms of tax ID, NAICS code, and D.U.N.S. number. 

Estimate the market

There are a number of tools available to conduct market research. This way you can see the current demand, estimate competition, consider a budget and so on.

We recommend the following tools for market research:

  • GSA eLibrary. With this tool you can look for current awarded contracts, research competitors, see the terms and socio-economic factors of the contracts, and much more. 
  • GSA Advantage. This platform is also a great source of data for market analysis. You can locate your competitors, see what they sell to federal agencies, compare prices and labor categories, and more.
  • SAM Databank provides a number of past FY reports on federal sales by small businesses. Previously, this tool was known under the FPDS name (Federal Procurement Data System).
  • is also a great list of statistics tools crucial for market research.

Market your GSA Schedule

Armed with information and statistics, you can plan your marketing efforts and start acting. Here is what you can do to maximize your presence on the federal market.

Make use of your GSA Award logo

Publishing your logo on the website, and other content allows you to tell your prospective customers that you are a trusted partner. Maximize visibility of your brand and make sure to directly connect it to government sales.

Participate in GSA events

GSA’s Small Business programs often include various local events that you can participate in. This allows you to present your business and find future opportunities.

Look for profitable niches

Analyzing sales statistics allows you to notice the growing demand you can satisfy. There is a great tool to analyze past sales – the GSA Schedule Sales Query Plus.

Bid on RFQ/RFI

Responding on RFQs is a great and constant source of sales AND information. By doing it properly, you can win a lot of contracts. The trick is in reading the solicitation carefully  and making sure you address every single bit of it, in addition to an adequately priced offer.

Need help?

If you want to get the most of your GSA Schedule as a small business, or if you are just looking to become a GSA Schedule contractor, please don’t hesitate to ask for help. A seasoned federal contracting agent such as Price Reporter can save you weeks and even months on preparing GSA application documents, while taking the burden of managing your GSA Schedule contract from you.

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