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Party in the USA: Top Five American Holidays

Americans are a happy people. The world knows we love to party!

We have countless holidays and festivities. We celebrate with family and friends, and with overflowing food, music, and many more. And despite our cultural diversity, we all celebrate as one on special occasions. That’s something that makes ours a truly great nation!

The following are five of the most celebrated holidays in America.

July 4th

Independence Day is one of the most celebrated holidays in the United States. Americans are regarded as highly nationalistic people. Our year will never be complete without celebrating July 4th – the day we commemorate our nationhood.

Independence Day will never be complete without bringing the Stars and Stripes to light. On this holiday, we bring to highlight our being American. Expect shirts, hats, bags, and all possible merchandises to proudly bear the American flag.

We simply love to watch parades and fireworks. Old fashioned parades are a staple and the most renowned parades are held in the capital Washington DC and in the summery California. While thousands of Americans participate in parades, some prefer attending after parade concerts top billed by A-list celebrities. Many await the spectacular fireworks shown on this day.

Around the country, households invite neighbors and friends to party. And since it’s usually held on summer months, backyard barbecue parties are a perfect, lively way to cherish the holiday.

April Fools

April Fools or April 1st is widely observed in America. Unlike other holidays, April Fools is not exactly a federal holiday. Although it is not celebrated with the usual gathering, food and festivities, it is infamously practiced by pulling practical pranks on other people.

On this day, you can go around joking and poking fun with your acquaintances without worry. April Fools is a little trivial event and America is surprisingly not the only country that observes this practice. Others say that the ancient European communities had a holiday that had an idea similar to April Fools. Not much is known about April Fools, except that it is not something to be taken seriously.


Christians originated the Easter Sunday celebration. It commemorates the resurrection of Christ and the salvation of mankind. As a widely Christian country, it’s natural for us to celebrate Easter. For many Christian households, this day is marked with gathering and feasting, and the day varies from year to year (see this link about how the date is determined –

It is a perfect opportunity to spend time with loved ones and enjoy finest food and cocktails. Because Easter is an event worthy of a feast, Easter menu is planned days before. Others prefer having one sumptuous meal while some choose to have several great meals for the day. Delectable ham and a fruity dessert are mainstays in Easter celebrations. Apple pie, fruit salad, potatoes and yam are the other main dishes that can be seen in every family’s dining table.

Easter Bunny is an iconic American Easter treat. Easter rabbits are believed to have been brought by German Immigrants to America. Germans associate bunnies to onset of spring season and fertility.

Another popular tradition during this holiday is Easter egg hunting. Children are eagerly hunting for Easter eggs that are stuffed with chocolate and candies. Meanwhile, artsy folks decorate and paint eggs to make them more colorful and festive.

St. Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick, patron saint of Ireland, is honored yearly on the 17th of March. Many immigrant Americans trace their roots from Ireland, so it’s not surprising why we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. In fact, it is among the highly anticipated by the United States. Different cities celebrate St. Patrick’s Day regardless of what day of the week March 17 lands.

It is historically celebrated as a sacred feast day but now it is awaited for its festivities. The well-known holiday is the time for everyone, both Irish and non-Irish, to flaunt their fashion in green. Although it is traditionally Irish, the whole United States is welcome to rejoice together in live music, Irish delicacies and magnificent parades.

Irish families commend their roots by serving the most coveted recipes from Ireland. A flavorful lamb perfectly paired with zesty salt-roasted button potatoes relives the memories of the fresh Ireland breeze. Redhead babies totally love the traditional Irish brown bread. Find out more about St Patrick’s day at this link.


The most conspicuous dinner of the year in the US is certainly Thanksgiving dinner.  As its name suggests, Thanksgiving is holiday meant to express gratitude for the fall harvest, and for the company of family and friends. American families spend Thanksgiving holiday pretty much the same way. The day kicks off with a marching band, float and balloon parade down the streets of NYC. Cheering for your esteemed American football team is a must.

The most awaited part of Thanksgiving party is the dinner! Turkey is the star of night, darling of the feast. Roasted over the best grill and smoker combo, turkey makes every thanksgiving gathering experience extraordinary. Bring out the juicy and savory taste with a sweet cranberry sauce. Do not forget the final touch of the dinner, a sweet homemade pumpkin pie.    

America is a happy land and its people are a happy race. We enjoy life and we certainly know how to party. This makes our nation truly great!

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