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Picture Your Best School Year Yet with Pixlr’s Amazing Deals

School is starting back, and educators are looking for tools that will help them motivate and teach their students. One of the best new resources available for teachers and students is Pixlr’s AI suite of tools. It gives you the power of photo editing, design, and animation right at your fingertips. The big news we are sharing today is that educators can get access to the full selection of AI tools at a major discount.

Pixlr Is Your Partner for Back to School

Imagine being able to give your students the ability to create cool photo and animation effects, as well as edit their photos and projects with comprehensive, easy-to-use tools. Now, imagine those tools are AI powered, so that anyone can use them and create incredible results. What if all of that were offered at a heavy discount? Pixlr Premium is available now at a massive 40% savings.

You have tech-savvy students who will want to have the latest and greatest tech tools. Now, you can get those for them at a fraction of the original price. Make sure your classroom is future ready with AI-powered tools. Watch your students get excited about learning thanks to the innovative photo editing and creativity tools that Pixlr offers them. If you want your kids to have the best resources so that they have an excellent chance of doing well in their future careers, then this is an offer well worth considering.

The Future of Education

Education should be about preparing children for the future – the future of technology and the future of the workplace. You can bet that AI technology will be an integral part of the workplace moving forward. It is rapidly taking over many different industries, and not just the ones that are computer focused. This is not simply some fad that will disappear in a few years.

You can create compelling presentations for your students with these tools, using simple one-click functions. You will impress and delight your students with your photo editing skills thanks to Pixlr’s simple interface. There’s no need to be a computer whiz to work these tools. They are designed to be accessible for students and educators alike.

If you want to enjoy these big savings, you have to act now, though. This offer won’t last very long- just until September 11th. Just use the promo code 40B2S23 to take advantage of it.

You can also upgrade from Pixlr Plus to Pixlr Teams, or Premium to get even more functionality out of this resource. By acting now, the upgrade will cost less than ever before and can open your students’ eyes to a world of possibilities. Bring out the creativity in your students by giving them an amazing, comprehensive photo editing toolset to work with. You can enrich their educational experience and give them something to look forward to with projects that they will actually love to do. You will be preparing them for their future at the same time, so take advantage of this limited time offer today.

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