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Planning For an Exhibition: The Check List

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Preparing for an exhibition takes plenty of time and effort and can be a real time consumer. There are many aspects to consider from the stand design, budgets and even the travel and hotels.

Before taking on the mammoth task of planning your event, create a check list of everything you need to consider before you start to action any tasks. This way you can keep a clear track of what you’ve done, what needs to be completed and what’s most important.

As a starting point, your check list might look a little something like this.


The budget needs to be set in stone before you start shopping around. You’ll want to have a clear figure in mind and decide which areas will receive most of the budget and how the rest of the budget will be fairly split.

More often than not, a large percentage of the budget is going to be your stand space and exhibition stand.

Choosing your event

Now the budgeting side of things have been determined, you’ll want to make sure the money is put toward the right event, says

Start with some research, looking out for events that you feel will benefit the business. Looking into where your competitors have been previously and if they’re listed to attend again is another sneaky way to make sure you’re looking in the right place.

Rigorous research should be able to confirm which events will be an asset to your business.

Selecting your stand space

Choosing a stand space and location often feeds into the available budget. The bigger the stand and the more exposure the display stand has, the more expensive this will be.

The available budget will steer you toward the options that are available to you.

Bear in mind the location of your space can make all the difference when it comes to footfall numbers.

Designing your stand

You’ve confirmed the stand location and stand size, it’s time for the fun to commence.

Designing an exhibition stand can be one of the best stages of the planning process, as you final get to see your plans and choices come to life.

When choosing an exhibition display stand you should consider the size, the shape, reusability and how easy it can be transported and installed. You’ll be more than thankful you’ve weighed up all factors when it comes to gearing up for the event.

Artwork and Graphics

Stand chosen, tick.

Next on the list, is completing artwork.

With the stand that you’ve chosen, think about what artwork will get you noticed, which section will be viewed the most, what colours will make your information pop and how can the overall display engage more people?

A lot relies on the artwork, as it can take a stand to new heights and get you noticed against competitors.

Travel, hotels and the plan of the day

At this point, the end is near, last stages of planning can commence and it’s time to take a deep breathe.

What is the closet hotel to the venue? Are you driving or taking public transport? What time will you start setting up? Who will be attending the event with you?

Booking transport and hotels ahead of time will ensure you’ve got everything in place for when the busy day arrives.

Be proactive in your approach and the day will run smoothly!

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