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Reasons Why You Should Get Xfinity TV and Internet Bundled

Xfinity is one of the best internet service providers across the US and while a lot of people use their service, it is best to get Xfinity TV bundled along with Xfinity internet. When you bundle any of Xfinty’s multiple service, you get a lot of benefits, which eventually create value for the money you have paid. So, if you are also planning to bundle up on TV and internet services, you should definitely invest in Xfinity’s services, and here is why. 


The best part about bundling any services from one provider is that is becomes super reasonable. When you get Xfinity TV and internet you get two best services with multiple benefits which creates value for the money you spend and when you buy from one provider you save a lot of money of installation and separate billing systems. This way along with money, you also save yourself a lot of time and energy. 

Good Speed 

Xfinity is the internet service provider that is known for its good speed tiers, which are best for gaming, streaming, working from home, and your smart home devices. Besides, when you get xFi gateway along with Xfinity internet, it makes sure you get perfect speed and internet signals throughout the house. xFi Gateway is a modern and sleek looking device that makes sure that your internet signal strength is at its maximum capacity, and that each one of your devices are getting maximum speed. It works best with your TV and helps you smoothly use your 4K Flex box, where you can watch on demand content without interruption. 

Internet Security 

When it comes to internet security Xfinity provides complete security and saves your devices from viruses, hacks, malware, and all potential cyber-attacks. Besides, Xfinity security allows you to put parental controls when you have kids at home. It is very common that kids end up watching and accessing information that is age inappropriate. Xfinity allows you to block all age inappropriate content from your children’s devices and also limit their internet usage time. 

Xfinity Flex 4K Box Free

One of the best things that come with Xfinity internet for free is the Xfinity Flex box with has free 4k content for you to stream even if you don’t get Xfinity TV along with internet. The Xfinity Flex streaming box allows you to watch content in 4K HDR and 1080p. If you get the TV bundled with internet, the streaming box is like an extra perk that you get free with Xfinity’s service. 

DVR Recording to Watch Later 

The best part that Xfinity TV offers is that it allows you DVR recordings. When you have a favorite live show, and it is not available on your streaming devices and services, Xfinity DVR allows you to record those live shows even while you are away. You can record up to 6-7 shows at a time, and the cloud allows you 150 total hours of HD programs, which mean you can store your favorite TV shows to watch later in HD. 

Best for Kids

Xfinity internet and TV are very children services as they allow you to show your kids age appropriate content and control and monitor their screen times. When it comes to X1 TV, there is a whole different Kids Zone that offers you a safe environment for your kids. It is a zone for your children where they can surf through age appropriate content and watch live, as well as on-demand shows whenever they want. They also have the option for DVR recordings of their favorite shows or cartoons. 

Voice Remote 

Xfinity’s award winning voice technology allows you to control your devices such as the streaming box, TV, xFi Gateway, and much more with voice command. Just like smart technology, Xfinity also works with voice commands making it easier for you to operate and control your TV and internet using voice. It even works through the app when you are not home and have forgotten to turn your streaming box off, or have to turn on parental controls, you can do it all with the help of the voice control. 

Best For Sports Lovers

Xfinity TV is best for sports lovers because similar to the kids zone it has a separate sports zone for sports lovers which can be accessed through their mobile apps as well and has all the sports content for sports lovers. The Xfinity Sports Zone allows you to get notifications about your favorite sports TV shows, sends sports updates, live shows as well as allows you to check the scores from no matter where you are. 

On Demand Content 

Xfinity allows you to watch on demand content, and based on your searches and watch list, it comes up with personalized content that might be according to your liking. So, when you open your TV, you already have content lined up for you to watch next. It is best for you if you are someone who likes specific kind of content because this way you will have your interests lined up for you. 

Get Updates Anywhere With Free Hotspots and Xfinity’s App

As we mentioned above, Xfinity Sports zone allows you to get updates on your favorite shows and allows you to check scores from no matter where you are. Well, when you are on the go, Xfinity has over 20 Million free Wi-Fi hotspot that you can connect to from your app, and enjoy internet without having to worry about the open Wi-Fi security threats, according to TheVerge. This way, if you have Xfinity internet, you can get updates on your favorite shows from wherever you are.

These are a few perks that you get when you get Xfinity TV along with internet. Apart from saving you time, money, and energy, Xfinity ensures maximum security in terms of TV as well as internet and is completely family friendly. So, if you are planning to buy a bundle deal for internet and TV, Xfinity is one the best deals to have in the US. 

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