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Should You Get a Lash Lift?

Img Source - The Beauty Academy

Lash lifting is a growing trend in the fashion industry, according to One of the reasons behind its popularity is that you no longer have to use mascara to make your lashes look longer and prominent. A lash lift treatment can give your lashes a new beautiful shape, and with this treatment, it looks like you have applied mascara, or put extensions in, even when you have not.

If you are interested in getting this treatment, here is what you should know about lash lifting before going ahead with it.

What Exactly is a Lash Lift?

As the name indicates, lash lifting is a treatment in which your natural lashes are shaped from the bottom to the tip, such that they appear curly and long. During this treatment, a lash lifting solution and a curling rod are used. They give your lashes a curl which makes them look thicker and longer. The process is painless for many, but some may feel a little discomfort, but this is rare. However, its results are long-lasting and require low maintenance.

During this treatment, people feel discomfort when a silicon pad is placed at the lower lash line. It is done to protect the bottom lashes and prevent them from curling. Make sure you get this treatment from a professional eyelash artist, so that it is done safely.

The Average Lifespan of Lash Lift Treatment

The lifespan of lash lift treatment varies from six to eight weeks. This time duration is the same as a normal eyelash cycle. Due to the natural-looking results of the treatment, it is hard to resist getting it again after eight weeks.

Wearing Mascara After a Lash Lift

A lot of people ask if they can wear mascara after an eyelash treatment or not. Well, we say why not! You can wear mascara when you like. There is no restriction about putting mascara to jazz up your look.

Make sure you do not go to bed with mascara still on your lashes. Wearing mascara even while sleeping at night may reduce the lifespan of a lash lift.

Lash Lift Aftercare

Who does not want their lash lift treatment to last longer? People want to get the most out of their investment and keep their lashes looking great for longer, which is actually not that hard to do. All you need to do is become more conscious, and take care of your beautiful natural lashes. To do this, you can apply lash oil to keep your lashes moisturized.

If it is your first time getting this treatment, then make sure you carefully research eyelash artists before choosing the one you wish to use. Make sure the artist is a qualified professional and has a good reputation among previous clients.

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