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The Only Tool You Need to Find Your Dream Home in Australia

Australia’s property market has been booming for years and shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. Commentators around the world are watching open-mouthed as prices soar and sales increase. In the year to September 2021, average prices have risen by 18.4% with some areas such as Sydney achieving even higher rates, according to DailyMail. It’s the fastest period of growth since 1989.

And yet this rapid upward trend has not dampened activity in the market. It doesn’t seem to have got any harder to find a home in Australia that’s both affordable and desirable. This is largely because interest rates remain at record lows, with a base lending rate of 0.1% and an average home loan rate of 2.3%, which, with inflation running at 3.8% is a buyer’s dream, says 9News. The enforced savings of the long months of the pandemic have also helped to increase buying power and government policy on credit remains extremely liberal.

Some economists and analysts say it can’t last. Whether that’s true or not, the circumstances are certainly positive for anyone to commit to buying their dream home in Australia and to do it right now. What’s more, the Residz service is perfectly designed to help you achieve that goal. Innovative, exhaustive and efficient, it offers the best property buying experience the country has ever known.

What’s So Special About Residz?

We never intended to be a real estate enterprise. Our vision was of a digital database which mapped every property in Australia, collating information on issues including demographics, flood and fire risk, climate, public health and crime statistics. This would be invaluable to banks and other lenders, insurance companies, and any number of organisations with an interest in location-specific facts and figures.

However, when the pandemic hit, we realised that what we had created was a platform for access to nationwide passive property market. Suddenly, it made perfect sense to make it available not just to institutions but to the public. Just take a look around our website and you’ll see that it is crammed with valuable information to make the business of finding your dream home in Australia easier than it has ever been. No matter where you live now, you can search anywhere, and discover intricate details about any location, whether it’s a few miles down the road or thousands of kilometres away on the other side of the country.

Create Your Own Area of Interest

One of the main features of the Residz system is the facility to create an area of interest. This is where you really can take control. Just set up a free account, which takes a few moments, and then you can create a personalised search profile based on your specific preferences. You can check instant matches and you’ll also receive notifications when new properties come on the market that meet your requirements. You can revise your profile whenever you like, and you need never miss a single opportunity to find a home in Australia. It’s the kind of digital tool that the real estate market should have provided years ago. Fortunately, it’s here, and it’s at Residz.

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