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The World’s Most Unique Sports Venues

Something about a great stadium or sports venue just stands out. It might be that they have stayed true to their original designer, or it could be that they are state-of-the-art, offering all the mod-cons you’d want to watch your favorite sport in comfort and peace. 

So when it comes to venues that you need to add to your list of must-see – regardless of the sport they represent, here are some of the best in the world with from (스포츠중계)

Madison Square Garden, New York, America

Home to the Nicks, New York Liberty, and the Rangers, Madison Square Garden is on every sports fan’s bucket list. The Nicks are nothing special on the court, they’re huge outsiders in the NBA playoffs odds, but their home stadium is much more impressive.

It’s known as The Worlds Most Famous Arena for a good reason. It has an incredible capacity, hosting 19,812 basketball fans or 18,006 hockey fans. When people think of sports in NY, they this of this stadium. 

Madison Square Garden is built into the fabric of what makes New York New York. 

Over the years, MSG gardens have moved, multiplied, and there was even a cycling track at one point. 

One of the main reasons you should visit is that they offer some of the best tours around. The All-Access tour lets you soak up the atmosphere where rock legends, cultural icons, and sporting titans have stood before you. 

Wembley Stadium, London UK

Wembley Stadium has always had a firm place in the hearts of UK football fans. So in 2002, when it was announced it would be demolished, fans and the UK public alike were aghast! 

However, as soon as the new venue was revealed, the image of the old twin towers so iconic to the stadium was a distant memory. Wembley Stadium is considered the home of English football, and while other stadiums are great – Wembley is in a league of its own. 

Its doors re-opened in 2007 and it has a huge circumference of 1km. The old stadium upgraded everything and has 98 kitchens, eight restaurants, 34 bars, and 688 food service points. 

The stadium still gets upgraded when needed, and in 2019-2020 a winter pitch reconstruction took place. 

Wembley Stadium runs tours that last about 80 minutes and give you a detailed description of the history, some of the most famous music acts, and more. 

Monaco Circuit, Monaco

If you want to be surrounded by loud luxury and a lifestyle that is nothing but cash and elegance, then here is where you need to be. Monaco’s Monte Carlo plays host to the F1 every year, and around that time, you can see more giant yachts on the glistening water than ever. 

Every year drivers compete in the race, which takes place on the streets and tunnels. What makes the Monaco Circuit so interesting is that it has some of the most enjoyable chicanes and tightest corners you’re going to see. 

Spectators here get to enjoy the luxurious surroundings and lightning-fast sport simultaneously. 

If you’re not sure if a visit is for you, Monaco is unique due to its historical surroundings, opulence, and general ambiance. 

Melbourne Cricket Ground, Victoria, Australia

While it might be referred to as a cricket ground, this stadium plays home to many different sporting events. Having hosted athletics, football, Australian rule football, and cricket – it is truly a venue that can do it all. 

It’s known for hosting the 1956 Olympic Games and the 2006 Commonwealth Games and is home to the Australian Sports Museum. 

Like many other stadiums, MCG offers a tour so that fans can get behind the scenes and learn more about their beloved grounds. Some of the highlights include the media center, the changing rooms, the MCC library, and the City Terrace. 

Fenway Park, Boston, USA

Fenway Park is one of those classic – it has always been there – stadiums. This stadium has been around for over 105 years and has a capacity of 37,731. The capacity might sound small compared with some of the others on the list, but the atmosphere and vibrancy of watching a game here are unrivaled. 

Fenway Park is the oldest venue in Major League Baseball, and it has hosted some of the most historic baseball games in history. On April 9th, 1912, the inaugural game was played when the Red Sox faced Harvard College in an exhibition match. The Red Sox played the New York Yankees eleven days later and won. It was cementing its place in history.

Since the stadium has been around for so long, it’s dripping in American history, which makes a tour a must. The tours here last around 50 minutes, and you’ll get to soak up the view from the Green Monster – which is around 37 feet above the deep leftfield. 

What makes a good stadium turn into the stuff of legends is the fans. Once the stadium is filled with fans, the atmosphere in these stadiums becomes electric. 

So if you’re a sports lover, no matter which sport is your preference, all of these unique and incredible sporting venues are worth your time. If you’re not heading to a match, and prefer to soak up the atmosphere without the crowd, then be sure to book your tour tickets well in advance!

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