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Tips for Choosing Spring Wedding Flowers

Spring is a popular time for weddings. With flowers blooming everywhere and the hope of renewal and beauty after a winter has passed, Spring weddings offer a great deal of versatility when it comes to flower choices, says GuernseyFlowersByPost.  If you are looking for wedding flowers that will be available in the spring, then you are in luck.  Below is a guide to various flowers that bloom during the spring and that can typically find their way into weddings.  While not an extensive list, it is a great place to get started if you are just beginning to think about your spring wedding flower selection.

1.  Anemone

The Anemone is a purple/violet flower that also comes in red hues as well as burgundy.  It is most often blooming from November to May, making it an excellent early and mid spring flower choice.  Signifying expectation, the Anemone is relatively inexpensive.  It has 7 petals that extend outward from a central base.  Jewel-toned, these flowers do not have an odor.  That being said, they are significant of love, of lost love, and of royalty when purple.  Typically, the Anemone is used as an addition to an existing bouquet.  Only a few are required to create a vibrant bloom.  

2.  Camellia

The Camellia is a red, pink, and white flower.  It mostly blooms between late winter and early spring, making it excellent if you plan to have your spring wedding right at the start of the season.  It is often used to signify contentment excellence, and beauty.  Exhibiting its own unique loveliness, the Camellia has a sweet scent that is mild.  Like the Anemone, the camellia can add a great deal of color with only a few flowers in any bouquet.  As a final consideration, the flower is quite affordable when it is in season.

3.  French Tulip

The French Tulip comes in pink, ivory, and pale yellow shades.  Most often blooming between November and May, it is a great spring wedding flower.  If available, its white and ivory colors are perfect for symbolizing a fresh start and newness.  While it does not have a scent, their sleek and beautiful designs make it perfect for weddings.  In addition, as a tulip, it is great as a tall centerpiece to any bouquet, typically reaching above most other flowers.  Be aware that French Tulips are among the more expensive options out there when it comes to spring wedding flowers.

4.  Grape Hyacinth

Grape Hyacinth comes in either a white-green color or in a deep blue-purple color depending on when they are picked.  They bloom from November to May, and are great as accent pieces to a bouquet.  Great in small bunches; the Grape Hyacinth adds color and variety while not overwhelming a table placement or bouquet.  In addition, its sweet scent adds to the bouquet making up for those flowers that may not have a scent.  Be aware that later in the spring the cost of the Grape Hyacinth can go up.  Typically, the earlier the wedding the less expensive the flowers.

5.  Hyacinth

The Hyacinth comes in a range of colors including blue, purple, white, pink, pale pink, lavender, and peach.  Each of the petals can be multicolored, making the excellent centerpieces to any bouquet.  Flowering from November to May, the Hyacinth is often associated with spring and renewal, making it perfect for weddings held during this time.  The flower has a very sweet and strong odor.  Finally, the prices for Hyacinth are low when in season.

6.  Iris

With an unusual shape, the Iris catches the eye in purple, white, and yellow varieties.  While year round, the Iris is mostly available in mid to late spring and into early summer.  If you are planning a wedding for late spring, then you may be able to get a good deal on Irises.  Depending on the type you get the flower can have either no odor or a sweet odor.  It symbolizes promise, eloquence, and a well worded message.  It is great for weddings in terms of its iconography and inexpensive when purchased in season.  

7.  Lily

The Lily comes mostly in white and sometimes in pale pink.  It has a heavy scent that smells similar to perfume.  Peaking during the spring, the lily is available year round.  Bell-shaped florets dangle individuals from a stem, creating a delicate and beautiful addition to any spring wedding bouquet.  Signifying one who returns to being happy, the lily is a favorite as its color and significance perfectly match weddings.  Be aware however that the lily will be more expensive than other flowers listed here.

8.  Queen Anne’s Lace

A wildflower, Queen Anne’s Lace blooms in early spring and fall.  Delicate, the flower comes in white and green varieties depending on when it is picked.  With an appearance that resembles lace, Queen Anne’s Lace signifies meaning, protection, and importance.  As an added benefit, it is relatively inexpensive.  With all this in mind, Queen Anne’s Lace is frequently found in wedding bouquets because of its significance and unique look.

9.  Scabiosa

The Scabiosa is a flower that most often comes in white, lavender, and burgundy.  It often blooms throughout the spring.  While it does not have a scent, the Scabiosa is a beautifully complex flower, dense with florets and a tufted head.  Signifying a sensible woman, the Scabiosa is frequently added to a bouquet as a mid height, vibrant color addition.

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