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Understanding The Importance of PWTA Testing

pwta testing
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The Private Well Testing Act (PWTA), passed by The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (see here), states the requirements during the sale or lease of a house with a private well. The buyer or seller has to test the well water and review its results before completing the sale. 

PWTA testing services in New Jersey are available to ensure that your water results comply with the laws regarding water quality. Their services are reliable, accurate, and fast. 

Why is it important? 

  • Identify any existing harmful substances. 

Testing the well water helps check the existence of harmful substances contaminating the water. These include dioxins, PCB congeners, and perfluorinated compounds (PFAS). A sample from your well water is analyzed by the experienced and efficient service that you hire. By understanding the content of such harmful substances in your well, you can implement appropriate well-treatment plans to ensure it is a reliable water source. 

  • Dioxins, or persistent organic pollutants, are toxic substances linked to causing cancer, hormonal, and immune problems. 
  • PCB congeners are industrial chemicals that are especially harmful to younger children, leading to neurological and developmental issues. 
  • PFAS can cause liver damage (more info), high cholesterol, and congenital disabilities if the exposure to people is high. 
  • Prevent health risks. 

Water is utilized for various purposes every day, including but not limited to drinking, cooking, washing utensils and clothes, showering, and cleaning. If the water source is contaminated, the people who have used this water are susceptible to multiple health risks. Depending on the type of well water contaminant, the health problems may vary, but common issues include intestinal damage, anemia, neurological disorders, and reproductive issues. Testing and treating water before use diminishes the risk of experiencing such health risks. 

Why is hiring a professional water testing service beneficial? 

If the well water is not tested following the laboratory testing services set by the PWTA, your sale may be delayed resulting in delays and loss of time and money. A reliable service ensures that your results are timely, reducing the chance of any delays that may occur. They are knowledgeable and updated with any changes in the PWTA that could affect your situation. Their assistance and commitment to helping you throughout the procedure make it more straightforward and stress-free for you.  

Consult a PWTA testing service at the earliest to ensure that your well water is safe and free from any contamination before use. 

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