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Vitamin D Test: What Is It and How Is It Performed?

Vitamin D is significant for calcium management and the preservation of the phosphorus levels in the blood, that are critical for bone maturation. Moreover, Vitamin D is required by our intestines to actuate and assimilate calcium. 

Having a lack of vitamin D in youngsters may lead to rickets, that can result in the weakening of the bone and create a painfully bowlegged look. Likewise, in adults, a lack of vitamin D may result in bone weakening or osteomalacia. This is why having a vitamin D test is vital since it helps you know your vitamin D level and take action based on the findings.

What Is a Vitamin D Test?

A vitamin D test is the best way to track our body’s vitamin D level. Having a vitamin D test will let you know if you have a too low or too high level of vitamin D. In addition, a vitamin D test assesses the vitamin D level in your blood, since lack of vitamin D may result in bone diseases, dietary issues, organ failure, or other medical ailments.

Furthermore, vitamin D is vital to have healthy teeth and bones. Vitamin D3 and D2 are the types of vitamin D vital for nourishment. While vitamin D2 is mainly obtained through fortified meals such as dairy foods, milk, and seafood.  Vitamin D3, on the other hand, can be obtained once you are exposed to the sun (more info).

Why A Vitamin D Test is Done

Physicians may order a vitamin D test for various reasons, says Healthline. First, to assist them in determining if there is a surplus or lack of vitamin D that generates bone abnormalities or illnesses. Secondly, to identify those who are in danger of vitamin D deficiency. People who may be vitamin D deficient are the following:

  • People who dont get enough sunlight
  • Elders


  • Exclusively breastfed newborns
  • Persons with Crohn’s disease

If your physician has previously determined that you lack vitamin D and wants to know if therapy is workin, they may request a vitamin D test.

How Is the Vitamin D Test Performed?

There are a few types of vitamin D tests, but the most common are a finger-prick test kit and a doctors blood sample. A finger-prick sample can be taken by anyone and is easy to perform, where as a large sample of blood will need to be taken by a doctor or a nurse.

The home test is very simple. First you prepare your test and sanitise your finger. Then you can use the prick tool to collect your sample before packing it up in the box and sending it off to be analysed. Results are usually sent back within 5 days or so. A good example of a home Vitamin D test can be found here

If you a full blood sample, a physician will instruct you not to consume anything 4 to 8 hours before the test since a sample blood test is required for the vitamin D test. They will use a syringe to obtain a blood sample in your arm.

Evaluating the Results of Vitamin D Test

The outcomes may differ based on your age, gender, and employed testing procedures. The results may also differ from the laboratory where the test is analysed. If you are lacking of vitamin D levels, have indications of bone discomfort, your physician may prescribe a bone density scan. Physicians use this non-invasive scan to assess a human’s bone health. Various data suggest that a lack of vitamin D increases the rate of immunological illnesses and cardiovascular problems.

Meanwhile, high levels of vitamin D are typically generated by consuming excessive vitamin tablets and other multivitamins. High vitamin D levels may lead to a disorder known as hypervitaminosis D. An uncommon but deadly disorder that might put your liver or kidneys in danger.

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