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VR180 3D: The New Ultimate Next-Generation Live Video Streaming Camera For GenZ

The new era is full of new updated gadgets and technology that the human eye has never witnessed before. Yet, the inventors continue to introduce more of such new devices to us that are shockingly much better and useful than their older counterparts, such as the VR180.

VR180 is created to solve the two major issues of virtual reality i.e., hiding the backstage elements and the expensive costs. Instead, it creates a flat 180 x 180 display that’s no longer spherical so it can easily hide all the backstage crap away from the viewers eyes. Plus, it provides many other perks that are very useful for all the photographers and filmmakers. Are you excited? 

In this article, you’ll learn more about the VR180 like you can do with it and how it is better than your usual camera. 

VR180 – Ultimate Live Video Stream Experience 

The new VR180 – Utimate Live Video Stream Experience camera is designed to provide the users with a means to live stream 4k videos with 30fps resolution. Fully tried and tested prototype of VR180 is already producing amazing results with a promise of taking live streaming experience to a whole nother level. 

The new VR180 camera uses a unique format that maximizes the user experience by fixing the deficiencies of the 360 camera. Replacing the old fully spherical image with a straight 180° theme, VR180 provides you with dimensions. It is created to deliver a 180 x 180 degree 3D image without the sphericalness but dimensionally more fulfilling and original.

Now, you can make your boring stills and clips more vivid with a better depth and a sense of realism. 

VR180 Features

To let you enjoy the best ever live streaming experience of your life, VR180 possesses the most ultimate inmmersive features. Here’s a list of amazing features that you get access to, with VR180.

  • Boosting the VR Experience 

With every passing day, the world is becoming more digital than ever. There’s reality and then there’s virtual reality. No matter where you go, you will somehow run into an example of a virtual reality program or a virtual reality product, says Readers Digest. It can be a picture, a game or a clip/video. So, the best approach is to boost the VR experience for users and that’s exactly the goal of VR180.

  • Live Video Streaming With Upto 4k Resolution 

Whether in an app, a gaming program, or in your office presentation, virtual reality is currently playing a major role in almost every aspect of life. Especially when you are streaming a live video, you need better camera resolution. That’s exactly what VR180 is here to provide. It provides you an ultimate high quality of live video streaming experience with resolution as high as 4k. 

  • Extreme Low Latency and Sub-second Latency For Live Chat 

When it comes to live streaming, we can’t hold back our latency complaints. It’s a common problem to face latency issues resulting in a bad user experience. VR180 is specifically designed to provide better latency and a special sub-second latency for live chat options. 

  • Dedicated Web XR Interface and Chic Camera Design 

Improving the old interface, the new VR180 has a dedicated XR interface most suitable for web surfing. Not just a user-friendly updated XR interface, the camera is designed in a unique frame that facilitates users to get a better hold of the gadget. It’s compact, classy and very chic from the looks with an exceptional performance. 

  • VR180 Custom SBS Live Streams

With a small requirement of only needing a headset browser, the VR180 is a great idea to improve your live streaming experience. It has a custom SBS live streaming option as well for user support and that speaks volumes about the decency of the new camera. 

Little About VR.Cam: The Manufacturer Minds Behind VR180

The team behind this amazing VR180 prototype is a group of Tech-Savvy geeks who specialize in live streaming and broadcasting. With an advanced approach to improve the live immersive experience for users, they’re proud to present their VR180 camera. Taking the 360° concept and molding it to form a better version for live streaming, it takes great minds to aim for providing a greater experience.

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