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What are the Benefits of PFA Orders?

pfa order
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PFA  order stands for protection from abuse order, which is an order issued by the court for people who feel threatened or hurt by their partner. The PFA can be used to prohibit someone from coming within a certain distance of the person seeking protection, contacting them in any way, and threatening them. If someone violates these provisions, then they can be charged with a misdemeanor crime.

PFA orders are civil protection orders that protect against abuse and violence, according to They can be obtained by filing a petition in your local District Court. This document is very beneficial because it offers temporary relief for victims of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, or stalking who may feel unsafe or threatened with physical harm as a result of the abuse. PFA orders are mostly filed in cases where an abuser has harassed or threatened the victim. They are very important because they force offenders away from the victim’s residences and protect their lives. These orders are one of the few remedies that some states offer to help protect victims against abusers.

Here are some benefits of issuing PFA orders.

  1. Protection from abuse

About 15,000 people are killed by their partners or family members each year. PFA orders are one way that you can protect yourself against abuse. These orders are court-issued restraining orders that get issued to someone who has been threatened with abuse. The order requires the abuser to stay away from the victim and make any contact with them illegal. Violations of a PFA order can result in criminal charges filed against the abuser, leading to time in jail.

  1. Prevent further contact

It’s not just adult victims of domestic violence who can be victimized, says Children are also exposed to the violence perpetrated by their parents, and even if it isn’t physical, that exposure can have lasting consequences. PFA orders prevent any contact whatsoever between the defendant, the petitioner, and minor children. 

  1. Provide a safe environment for children

PFA’s are awarded to people with a history of abuse or neglect who have shown good behavior for at least five years. When granted, the PFA orders allow them supervised visits with their children. This is in place to protect the children while they develop. If the person has not shown good behavior within that time, then they cannot be considered for this order.

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